Monday, September 24, 2012

Did you know?

Did you know that  Miss Brielle has a personal stylist?

Did  you know that stylist also does work on herself, and then admires the finished product in the mirror?

Did you know that Miss Raya wakes up in the middle of the night calling for me when her blankets are  no longer arranged just so? And then I have to go into her room in order to straighten them to her specifications? I'm thinking about stapling the blankets to her body from now on haha.

And did you know that Raya had her first psuedo-spanking today? Yeah, I'm not a spanker, but when I saw her rip out a giant clump of Brielle's hair for no apparent reason I got royally PO'd! And when I asked her afterwards to explain why she did that she said "I pulled  it out...the end"  :-o  The end? I'm hoping she just didn't  understand my question and isn't  actually lightyears  ahead of her age is snotty responses haha.

Did you know that Brielle loves bratwurst? Last night we had  them and she insisted on having hers in a bun like everyone else. She held that brat like a big girl and ate away, only pausing to say "mmmmmmm" every once in awhile lol

Did you know that it's almost  October? Ummm, YAY! I'm starting to watch the weather  now  so that  we can choose the perfect day for our pumpkin farm visit hehe.

Did you know that we got new neighbors a couple houses down? Everyone out here is really nice, but everyone is older. The kids are all later elementary and older basically. *But* these new neighbors are young like  us! I've talked to the husband twice now but haven't met the wife yet. But  he said they have a 3 year old boy and his wife just had a baby girl a week ago....and his wife is a stay-at-home-mom! I will definitely be hunting her down in the future....perhaps she can become my neighborhood bff ;-) I'm a cool girl! haha

Did you know that I'm wearing a maternity shirt today? lol. I swear it doesn't  *look* maternity, and it's so comfy! I couldn't sell it with the rest of my stuff, I had to keep it :-P

Did you know I made about a million shirts this weekend?

Did you know that  Raya puts her underwear on backwards, without fail, almost every time? This  means she has the equivalent of a toddler  thong on most days---and she won't let  me help :-P

Did you know that Brielle calls her pacis "puppy" now, even after I removed puppy? lol...I think it's so funny when she goes to bed and asks for "puppy" even though she means paci.

Did you know that I'm the luckiest mom on earth?

Feel  free to share  your own "did you know" in the comments! :-)


  1. Dd you know that kaylee does the same thing with her underwear!!
    Did you know that Keira can put her own shoes on the right feet even.

    Those Halloween shirts are adorable!!!

  2. Did you know that I want one of those Halloween shirts for Emma! Haha How adorable are they!!!!
    This post was too cute =)

  3. Did you know that you have sooooo many great years ahead with those two cute babies!!!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  4. Did you know that JUST YESTERDAY Lidia started being picky like that about her blankets too?!

    Did you know that both my girls are obsessed with mirrors too??

    Love the shirts!!!!

  5. Did you know that your girls are so stinking adorable? I love the picture of Raya admiring her work!

    Did you know I almost bought that same outfit that Brielle's wearing, but I held back? I loved that green so much!

    1. Funny! That green would have looked super cute on Kyla! ;-) Maybe you can snatch it up on super clearance for next year hehe.

  6. Did you know that the shirts you made are adorable? As are your girls. Love it!

    Also, I'm happy to know that my daugther isn't the only one walking around with a 'toddler thong' on.... even if she's 3 and no longer a 'toddler' aaaah!


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