Thursday, September 20, 2012

Budding Actress

Sorry everyone...apparently Tired Tuesday exhausted  me so much that I didn't update yesterday LOL :-)

I've got to get working in the Etsy  sweatshop today so I'll try to keep my  rambling to a minimum here--but I wanted to show you all  what  a promising young actress Miss Raya is!

Yesterday I got a picture of her  throwing a tantrum:

And by the way, both girls were tantrum happy yesterday...ugh. At one point I muttered under  my breath "I'm  going to sell  you both on the black  market." ....and then I hear Miss Raya quietly say, "You can't  sell me  Mommy....because I love you and  we are FAMILY!"    Awwww....she can be so darn cute some times ;-)
So anyways, to snap her out of her  tantrum  I  showed her the picture of her  crying---which she thought was pretty funny LOL. So then I said let's play a game where I say something and then you make the face to go along with it! And my little actress got to work....

"Raya, do 'happy'!"

"Do 'crazy'!"

"Do 'sad'"

"Do  'surprised'"

"Do 'scared'"
She's  pretty good isn't  she?! haha

And  then she just started rolling  on the ground and  being silly.

She looks so OLD  here! Yikes. I think this angle got rid of all  her baby chub or something.
And here are a few random sisterly "love"  pictures...

This picture  cracks me  up! I  think  Brielle was trying to do that pose where she puts her head  in her hands ....but it wasn't very successful this time LOL. And god only knows what Miss Raya is doing!! ;-)

Goofy girl
In other  news, today we got rid of our highchair! Well, I'm letting my mom borrow it so that she can get  rid of hers (mine is one of those spacesaver ones that  is so much nicer than the big  highchairs!) ...and now Miss Brielle is moving to a small booster chair and Raya is moving to a regular grown up chair :-) Yay for  one more giant peice  of baby crap out of my house! haha

The main reason we made the switch is because Brielle would not stop climbing up the side of the chair to get into the highchair at random times of the day. I was worried she'd pull  the whole thing down on herself! Once she got to the top she'd just  stand up there because she  couldn't sit down with the tray blocking her way. The little  booster will be much safer now.

Climbin up!

This is the "leave me alone!" scowl she'd give  me when I told her  to get down lol

And then she'd keep doing it anyways!
And to end today, it's a preschool day  which means a "what Raya wore" segment! hehe

Raya is  wearing an apple sweater  dress and  leggings  from Old Navy! This  apple dress is infamous online among moms this fall's the must have  item in everyone's closet haha.  I  will  warn though  that I  bought this during a sale when it was $10 cheaper than it is now, so if you like  it I'd hold  off until it goes on sale again! Also FYI, it runs insanely big. Raya  is a solid 4T, sometimes even 5T...and this  dress  is a *3T* ....the leggings run a little small though--we got a 5T in the leggings.

Brielle gets very jealous  if I don't  let  her  join Raya in her before  preschool pictures :-P

Striking a pose haha

Ok,  I'm done!

Officially DONE ;-)
Happy Thursday  everyone!


  1. oh my gosh that apple dress with leggings is adorable!

  2. I had to laugh because sometimes when Emma is throwing a tantrum I take a picture of her and show it to her, and then of course she starts laughing =) Super cute photos! Love Raya's apple outfit =)

  3. Another super cute outfit on Raya!

    I love all her faces, especially the sad and scared faces. :)

  4. Oh my, love the faces! And the apple shirt. Must go to old navy!

  5. Oh you must be right about the Apple dress being popular...I have the same one for my daughter too! And I did get it on a great sale : ) Funny!
    Jessie Z.

    1.'s so cute! And finally something from Old Navy that I caught a good sale on. Seems like everything else I've bought from there this year I manage to buy right *before* it goes on a great sale!

  6. Love Rayas outfit!!!!! That girl needs to get into acting, with her looks and personality!!!!!!
    Grama F

  7. Love the yellow/grey dress shirt Raya is wearing:)


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