Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cheaty McCheatsters

So remember how  I mentioned Raya's hatred for the preschool monkey she brought home the other day? Well she was supposed to journal in the traveling notebook while the monkey  was at our house. There weren't many instructions other than something like "your child may want to draw a picture, etc"  ....and since we were only  the 2nd family to take the monkey home I obviously looked at the page from the first child to try and get an idea for what they did so that I could follow course.

....and then I was shocked to see the "journaling" this kid in 3 year old preschool did! (Granted, he could be newly 4...Raya is a younger child in her class since she's a May birthday.)  But anyways, this classmate theoretically cut out a square, circle, etc. with near perfection and then it was collaged with his supposed drawing of a monkey---which let it be known is better than I could draw haha.

I'll  go on the record as saying perhaps the parents chose to help and thought nothing of it. Or perhaps this child is a really great artist! But Lee's initial reaction was, "his parents did his homework" ...and I must say, I smell a Cheaty McCheatsters on this first ever "homework" project lol. And so it begins.....

Anyways, this is obviously a means nothing lighthearted "assignment" so I just wrote in the journal that Raya hated the monkey and her little sister played with it (the truth! haha) and then I told Raya to draw a picture of her and the monkey---and I didn't help at all.

So let's compare....Child #1's collage:

Raya  can cut a line...she can in no way cut a circle like  that. But the real thing that gets me is the detailed face and how the arms are positioned realistically on the monkey...and the careful coloring! Three years old? Hmm......   ;-)
And now here is Raya's masterpiece:

I'm looking  into  remedial monkey  drawing instruction---don't worry, I'm on top of this! :-)

(And in case Child #1's parents stumble across my blog, this is all  in good fun haha. Obviously I don't really care what goes in a 3 year old preschool traveling notebook. But I just think that when Child #3 gets this notebook and his/her parents flip through page 1 and then page 2, they will be completely confused about where to go from there with their own page LOL.)

So what does everyone think? Have any fun "parents did the homework" stories to share? (I still remember  when I was in 4th grade there was a solar system project and parents got really  involved in it. I did mine myself pretty much, but with a lot of parental guidance....but some parents were using power tools to construct fancy orbiting models etc and were obviously  parent projects....and in the end the teacher  picked a student who had glued some circles (aka planets) to a shoebox to create his solar systerm as the class "winner"....because she said she could tell he had done it all by himself!) There is definitely a fine line to walk between being supportive of your child's  education and being *too* involved. I'm not sure yet what I'll do when the kids are older---I do know it'll kill me to see math problems solved incorrectly for example and not tell them to fix it! But  I think that's ok right? As long as they fix it themselves? haha

And now a few random photos from today of the girls playing in a cardboard box....ya know, because we don't have any real toys or anything ;-)


  1. Oh my gosh this post makes me laugh!!!! I have always been a firm believer that the child needs to do their own work. Emma being in 1st grade has a homework assignment nearly everynight. It's nothing major but she does it. Yes I will help her, but she does all the writing and drawing. So yesterday morning (we kinda forgot to do the homework the night before) Emma is sitting at the kitchen table doing her work. Brian was helping her with it. I get out of the shower and walk into the kitchen and see Brian writting Emma's name at the top of her paper....and writing it messy like she's written it. I was like, "what in the world are you doing?!?" He laughed and said, Emma said she was done, and her name wasn't on it so he wrote it. I couldn't help but laugh, but I did give him hell for it!! =)

    1. LOL...too funny! And yeah, I thought something similiar about this monkey drawing because I swear a parent had to have helped, but the lines *are* kinda shaky looking so then I wasn't sure haha. Probably faked shakiness ;-)

  2. Cardboard boxes are the best toys anyway -- I swear, if I had to do it all again, I would just stock the toy room full of them...

    On the homework front -- Averie had practically the same exact assignment, and I didn't do it for her either, it's her homework - she should do it... I don't want to start the precedent of me doing any of it for her, even if it's 'just preschool'! But at the same time, I can totally understand helping, especially if the kid is begging and pleading you to "just draw a monkey momma!" I might cave and help then too...

  3. I loved this post! I think its hilarious how involved parents get on their childrens homework. And it only gets worse. Last year my sister was in 5th grade and doing the science fair. She did so good, and did 99.9% of the project all her own. She made it to the district fair.but didn't make it any further. She was so upset because a few of the winners did not do their own projects. They were things I could barely think of in high school! And it really shows who was involved in the project when your walking around each presentation and the parent does all the talking! My poor sister was upset, it wasnt fair. And I don't blame her! I will never do Hudsons home work, unless it specifically states parent involvement. I think this is so important for them to do by them selves. If he needs help I'll try to tech him to do it him self. Kids should see peers art work and projects in class, not the parents. That's when kids start to wonder why theirs isn't as neat/organized and will cause problems. Haha sorry I wrote a novel.

  4. First of all I love the name of this post!!!!!! This is one of the hardest things with parenting, parent competition!!!!!!!! It takes place on every level!!!! Let the games begin!!! As far as the boxes go, I've told you the story of the refrigerator box, dad made into a house, you and John played with that in the basesment until it fell apart!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. I think all the other parents are going to thank you when they look back at the previous kids' work. I think it's so important for kids to learn how to do things on their own, with your guidance of course. I mean come on, it's preschool!


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