Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Leftovers

I have  a bunch of random pictures leftover from previous days, so today is leftover day! :-P

First, yesterday I got back  into the swing of things for fall and had craft time with the girls. I'm going to try really hard to do either craft time or a field trip on every non-preschool day this school year. We'll see how long I can keep it up!

I got the idea of these apple trees off Pinterest....easy set up and all the supplies were readily available. My kind of project :-)

Paint  paper plate green---ta da! You have "leaves"

I  still think  of Brielle as my baby and don't often include  her in our projects...I'm trying to be better about that!

Cut out a tree trunk shape and finger paint it brown--ta da! A trunk.

Looks like  pudding! ;-)

Thumbprints in red paint = apples ...When dry assemble and ta da! An apple tree :-)

Brielle was throwing a tantrum because she didn't want to be in the picture lol

Raya was willing to help out with the "art show" though!  (And on this day Raya dressed herself--at least  I  was one again impressed with her matching ability)
Here  are a couple random pictures from yesterday...

All the  pics up to this  point were taken with the crappy camera because I had misplaced my good one---sorry!

Raya is still  obsessed with taking pictures  of is another  one I found on the camera recently hehe

Last weekend we went to the H family reunion, but  I was really  bad and forgot to take pics. Sorry! I did  take these pics of the girls on the car ride down though---they insisted on holding their  GIANT monkey and owl pillows  in the car---they could barely see over them to watch their DVDs!

Here is a random picture of Raya before  we left to drive down there

These are the pink skinny jeans from Old Navy. I had my eye on the pink, yellow, and aqua ones but was waiting for a good sale---and then they started selling out! Boo hoo. Online they are sold out of the yellow and aqua in her  size, so I scooped up a pink  while I still could. And wouldn't you know they fit her  great! Maybe I can track some other colors down in the store...      The tank covers most of them here, but they are really cute and super  soft--highly recommend!
I also got the monkey  and owl hoodies  from Old Navy that I mentioned awhile back. They are super cute and soft too! But  fyi, they do run narrow. I ordered up to a 2T for Brielle and a 5T for Raya, and I'm glad I did because they probably wouldn't have zipped up otherwise. They are quite fitted.

You can't  see the ears in these very well, but this is so cute on! (didn't get a pic of Raya in the owl one)

Our whole  house is sick  with colds right now, and Lee and I have it the worst currently, so there is lots of whining and coughing, and snot around Please forgive this rather pointless  update! :-P

To end, a new blog segment we're going to call "Play clothes--what she wore!"

Ya know, because obviously I'm following the preschool recommendation to send my child is old worn clothing for play ( or not ;-) Hey people, in my defense I TRIED a play outfit this morning but then Raya saw Brielle in a skirt and she cried for a the teachers got to see what "play clothes" in our house looks like LOL

Clearance  Target dress from last season and Kmart shoes.

New favorite hairstyle...remember  doing those ponytails that  you then turn "inside  out"?

We will let Brielle join this segmant when she feels like it. Today here she was wearing a Carter's onesie, Okie Dokie skirt, and Kohls jumping beans shoes---all handme downs from Raya.  (And yes, we need to stage a puppy paci intervention)

Today Raya didn't  have much to say about her first full morning of preschool, except for "Mommy, there's no running at preschool!" From what  I gather she was scolded by the teacher from running lol. Oh, and she brought me not one  but FOUR new art peices for my fridge today. And insists that  I keep all four and hang them up. Preschool better  pace themselves because it's  only the first week  and my fridge is pretty full!!!!!


  1. Those pillows are huge, haha! :)

    1. Yes, when Monkey pillow is in Brielle's crib there is hardly any room left for her!

  2. Their pillows are huge!! hehe =) Love Raya's pink skinny jeans! Emma has the same ones, and also has them in the cobalt blue. Your pintrest apple trees are adorable!! And I hope you guys all start feeling better very soon!!! =)

    1. Oh cool---I loved the blue ones too! But I looked through raya's closet and she has almost no shirts to match those, so then it was going to turn into a cycle of me buying the jeans and then buying shirts to match LOL.

  3. We picked up the pink jeans, too! I went to the Old Navy outlet when we went to visit my inlaws in South Texas for Labor Day. I wish I had known the other colors were such a hot commodity - the entire store was 40% off, and they had all of the new stuff!

    Those pillow pictures are hilarious! I am quite impressed with your road trip packing abilities, our car is WAY more packed than that!

    1. Lucky! I was at the outlet recently too, but I didn't see the jeans!!

      Don't be too impressed, we ended up only being gone for one night packing was pretty easy ;-)

  4. those trees are a cute idea. I always forget to include Keira in painting crafts too but I should start too.

    Those pillows are huge. Love it!


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