Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Raya has never been a kid to fall  asleep anywhere other than her bedroom. Occassionally she falls asleep in the car, but  other than that she asks to go to bed when she's tired and I don't see her until morning!

This means that I very rarely see her asleep, and even more rarely capture it on camera! But  last night she was completely exhausted from skipping her afternoon nap, so she fell asleep on the living room floor while watching her final show before bed. You often take for granted all those cute  sleeping  newborn pictures  you get in the first few months.

I know it's cliche, but  they really do go  from this:

To this: the blink of an eye!

So being the sentimental Mama that I am, I wanted to document my little sleeping beauty  so that when I'm 70 years old I can look back and remember this sweet face :-)

(Enjoy the flashback baby pictures I've sprinkled  in as well!)

....You're  growing up so fast baby  girl--slow down a little bit for Mama!

So if you're a Mama and it's  been awhile since you got those sleeping kid pictures you should sneak into their room right now and snap a quick  one ;-)

And lastly tonight, we can't  forgot our What Raya Wore segment, as she attended preschool today...

Raya is wearing Naartjie--some older line that I bought  used last year. It was pretty big last year and this year it fits much better. Brown bomber jacket was a consignment store find last year--Target brand. We officially won everyone over at preschool today with Naartjie I think haha-- the one teacher stopped me at drop off and said "I just love all her clothes!"  ;-)
Brielle is wearing her Pumpkin Patch brand sweater that she had last  year...size 12-18 months and still plenty  big lol.  Her 18 months Children's Place jeans are starting to get a little short though...finally!

Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow!


  1. Love the sleeping pictures!!! Soooo cute!

  2. Love the sleeping pictures, so sweet. I love capturing the sleeping pic

  3. You did a great job of matching up Raya's pictures now with her baby pictures. They go so well together!

    She looks so grown up in that one with her coat on! Cute outfit!

    1. haha...yeah, I did the best I could considering I didn't want to waste too much time going through the thousands of pictures I took of her as a baby LOL. Luckily I found quite a few sleeping ones in the little bit I looked :-)

  4. This post is sooooooo sweet, but makes me very sad!!!!!!!Don't like those babies growing up soooo fast!!!
    Grama F


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