Saturday, September 22, 2012


Please tell me I'm not the only stay-at-home-mom who gets a little bummed when Saturday involves being alone with your children LOL. You see, being a stay-at-home-mom is an awesome job. When I think about all  the jobs I could be doing right now, the perks of this one win out every time. But still, I look forward to my weekends just like anyone else. Weekends mean Lee home for adult conversation, family activities, another  person to help out with the kids, etc.

So today when I find myself home with the girls on a Saturday it's not nearly as "fun" as perhaps it might be for a mom who works outside  of the home. To me this is now an extension of my work week, but I don't get paid overtime! ;-)

Where's Lee you may wonder? He started tailgating with my brother at the football game at 6am and they will be gone alllllll day. Lee doesn't  even like Iowa football haha...but  my brother had tickets and basically begged him to go along. And so here I sit, it's naptime, on a Saturday, and I don't feel like being productive so I blog instead.

So tell me, if you are a stay-at-home mom what do your weekends look  like?

It doesn't help that the girls are being a challenge today. I thought we had a great plan by moving Brielle to the table with a normal booster chair, instead of in her highchair. But now the girls are sitting right by eachother on even playing field. Which means bickering...

Raya antagonizing Brielle

How can they be so cute, yet  so evil?! ;-)
Brielle has  thrown her  usual tantrums...

She randomly decided to put Raya's sandal  on...

Then she got furious when she couldn't get it on her foot

Rolling on the floor yelling at me in her baby swear voice that  I don't understand haha...apparently the shoe fiasco was my fault

How do *I* stop tantrums? I step on her :-P

...and I make her smell my stinky  feet ;-P

Raya was happy to fulfill the role of "good  child" during this time

Thankfully  by lunch time everyone was in a better mood and they  did  play nicely for awhile. I"m very thankful that I get to play dolls and barbies as opposed to trains and trucks, but  honestly even though I get to have all the fun girlie toys I can't say that playing any toy is exactly  my idea of a fun Saturday :-P

And lastly as a random tidbit--Raya's preschool has a "class  pet" that  travels to each child's house and then they play with him and journal about the fun they have etc. Well Raya got to bring this monkey home Thursday and we have him until Tuesday, her next class.

Raya was so proud to carry him out of preschool on Thursday...she thought she was hot stuff. *But* that poor monkey  was tossed aside immediately once the crowd of classmates weren't around to make jealous anymore LOL. I've been trying to get her to play with the monkey and do *something* that we can journal, but she hates him! haha. She's always been very particular with stuff animals and only  likes Barney and Baby Bop...she has never really attached to any of stuffed animals and so far all she's done with this poor monkey  is give him to Brielle and say "here sissy, you can have him!"

I forced her to pose for a picture with the monkey  though--guess we'll  journal about the fun he had playing with Brielle! ;-)


  1. I feel the same way about weekends! (And Fridays!) People are always so happy it's Friday, but my hubby works 9am to 9pm on Friday, so its my most difficult/long day. Then he works again from 9 to noon on Saturdays!

    And this weekend, he's golfing 27 holes beginning at 8am tomorrow. So I'll be putting in a six day work week as well! Not looking foward to it. I totally look forward to weekends for the adult help, conversation, and just something different than our everday!

  2. Wow our Saturday sounds exactly the same. Keira started the morning off good then turned to having a random tantrum. Kaylee got home from grandmas around 11. They fought ate some lunch and are now down for a nap and I'm bored and not really feeling like doing anything but wish that we were doing something as a family. Jason is working with his step dad all day!!

  3. I am so jealous of you stay at home moms =( And i'm not the type that is going to say a stay at home mom doesn't do anything. Stay at home moms work just as hard if not harder than full time working moms. I would give anything to be able to stay home, but now Emma is in school, and financially we just can't afford to do it. My morning started off around 8 this morning, and thankfully Emma was in a great mood all day, and even let me get all of my housework done!! And now my day is really only beginning since I just got to work at 4:00 and am here until 2:00 in the morning =(

  4. I am so with you about the weekends! Tyler was supposed to be gone tomorrow, but he had to cancel his plans so I have help. Yay for me! We definitely deserve overtime!

    Random question - does Brielle drink out of a regular cup? I've never let Kyla try so now I'm wondering if I should be letting her, haha.

    1. She only drinks out of regular cups when we go places, because I no longer carry a diaper bag or bring sippy cups etc. However I always end up holding the cup for her because she still thinks its fun to pour on herself ;-) Honestly Raya didn't start drinking out of a regular cup on her own until about age 3 ...I don't like messes!

    2. Oh, and in case my picture was confusing, the white "cups" on their plates above actually have syrup for dipping waffles in ;-)

  5. I agree with you. Our weekends are pretty laid back where I don't really like to do anything planned activity wise with the girls.

    That is so funny about the monkey! I think you should totally journal about how much she hates it - haha!


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