Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween costumes 2012

I placed my order online for the girls' costumes today--yay for checking something off my to-do list! haha. It feels really nice to not make their costumes this year and not have that hanging over my head. I'm embracing the prepacked thing lol.

Brielle is going to be a pink  fuzzy monster---how stinking cute is this?! I actually saw the costume at Walmart and thought it was too cute---but  they didn't have anything smaller than Raya's size. So i ordered the size 2T/3T online which is the smallest  I could find. I'm hoping it runs small or I can just alter it a little to fit her. She'll be wearing it over big bulky clothes I'm sure since it's usually cold here for Halloween, so hoping it works! I need to find her  some run boots to wear with it because those aren't incuded (and I think I'll have her wear a long sleeve aqua shirt underneath.

The girls are not goingn to have coordinating outfits  this year. I ended up deciding I really didn't care if they matched, because Raya was insistent that  she be a mermaid, and I couldn't think of anything super cute and fun for Brielle to be that went with that, other  than another  mermaid. And two different costumes seems more  fun than two of the exact same thing.

So anyways, back to Raya. She has no idea really about the Little Mermaid movie, but she has a Dora mermaid and  has seen a Dora mermaid show, so I am guessing that is where her obsession with the mermaid has come from. The trouble is that she insists that her feet cannot  show and they must be inside a fin haha. There were many costumes with tutu skirts etc. that were spins on the little mermaid (and easier to walk in!) but  she wouldn't  go with that idea. So I finally found a mermaid costume where her feet are covered and she ok'd it. Not my first choice if I was dressing her up, but she's totally pumped and it's fun to see her pick her own costume :-) How many times do you all think I"ll  have to pick her up off the ground after tripping over that stupid tail while going door to door? LOL.

The costume came with the seashell headband and the dress---not the boa thingy or wig haha. I  would love her to wear a red wig to look more like the Little Mermaid, rather than a random mermaid, but so far she refuses to consider a wig :-P And since she's telling me she won't wear it I didn't  buy it!! But my mom has a red wig from her Wilma costume last year that we might try to make work if Raya changes her mind.
So stay tuned around Halloween for the M&M duo---Monster  and Mermaid! :-)

So what  are  your kids going to be for Halloween?


  1. Loving Brielle's costume, too cute. Cant wait to see pictures of them

  2. Love the costumes!

    I have no idea on our kiddos yet. Guess I need to be thinking.

  3. Those are so cute :) can't wait to see pictures. That monster costume had to be the cutest monster costume ever. I love it

  4. Love the costumes! Kase was going to be a monster, but it was too expensive and I just couldn't spend that much on a baby costume when he can't even sit up in it. So I got the giraffe costume on clearance. I still have no idea what Kyla's going to be though. Hopefully something will catch my eye soon!

    I hope Raya changes her mind about the wig :)

  5. Adorable costumes - I love the monster, and we seriously looked at mermaid costumes forever and gave up - they all looked too hard to walk in, wish I'd seen that one!

    Averie decided in the meantime that she wanted to be a white kitty. No costume to be found for that... needless to say, she's going the tutu, headband and clip on tail route.


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