Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wagon Rides!

The other day Lee took the girls  for a "wagon ride"....aka pulling them in the cart behind his lawnmower ;-)  They were THRILLED.

In unrelated news, except for the fact that you can see the raspberry patch in the first picture haha, is that our raspberry patch is pumping out berries like crazy! First we had apples from the neighbor's yard, now raspberries from our yard....we're practically a farmers market :-P

This  is what a couple of minute picking gets ya...the kids just stand out there and eat! (Although Brielle for some weird reason loves the green (unripe) raspberries best haha).

Other than that  we haven't  been up to very much lately...same old! Raya had preschool today and  they got to paint, so that was a highlight for her haha. Tomorrow she has dance class again, which is always a favorite! Then Saturday my mom is watching the girls so that Lee and I can work on a couple home projects that we've been putting off. Hopefully a productive day!

Lastly tonight, we can't  forget to do "what Raya wore" ! :-) The weather today was actually kinda I had Raya wear a Naartjie outfit from last year. She outgrew her other Naartjie from last year, but this  outfit still has a little wear left--it ran the biggest. Figured I might as well get it worn to preschool before it's officially outgrown! We'd hate to have  to wear the same thing to preschool twice ...gotta stretch the wardrobe :-P

And while Miss Raya was away, Brielle got to play! No shit you guys, Brielle  has said about 30 new words a day since I got rid of puppy paci haha. Yesterday she brought me an ABC book and then plain as day pointed to the pictures and said "apple" "ball" "cupcake" ...caught me off guard! She also calls everyone by name suddenly...she talks about Harper all  the time, and likes to bring me toys and then "tattle" on Harper and tell me what Harper (supposedly) did when she was here last lol. She also says Raya all the time now too! Apparently she has hundreds of words that have been in her brain, but we hadn't heard them because puppy paci was stuck in her mouth :-P

The cute "lil sister" shirt  is Gymboree, and was one of my consignment store scores awhile back!

Can't wait till tomorrow...T.G.I.F.! :-)


  1. Awesome photos!! I love the last one of Brielle! It's super cute!! I'm excited for tomorrow as well TGIF! And I have the weekend off =)

  2. Cure pictures. The last one of Brielle is my fav too. My girls love raspberries.

  3. Those raspberries look awesome! And that is too funny about Brielle's words, how exciting!

  4. I agree, that Brielle is talking up a storm, she just loves telling on Harper!!!
    Grama F


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