Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby's getting fussy and Mama's getting tired!

Today is day 2 of Brielle being more fussy. Still nothing like Raya was, but we're having about 3 fussy periods a day now, lasting maybe an hour each. I can get her to stop fussing by swaddling her and walking/bouncing and using the paci--so it doesn't seem at all like colic as of now, just general fussiness. My pediatrician said fussiness usually peaks around 6 weeks old, so here's  to hoping these next few weeks aren't horrible! :-P I think  some of the  fussiness at least is related to stomach issues. She's a spitty baby like Raya was (we're going through 3+ outfits a day!) and lately she's having a couple times a day where the spit up comes out her nose! I'm going to call  the pediatrican about that I think, just to make sure it's normal. I've also started (as of today) more of a loose "schedule" for feeding and napping--tried the s ame  schedule (from "Babywise" book) with Raya and it didn't really work lol...she outsmarted it :-P ...but  the book claims that more than 80% of babies will sleep through the night by 7 weeks old if you follow their guidelines. We're going to give it a shot with Brielle!

Ok, now onto the pictures...

If you wonder why Miss  Raya lately has been looking dissheveled in her photos, as opposed to the dressed up and accessorized fashionista of the past, it's b/c most mornings I'm dressing Raya while Brielle cries and I've started telling Raya "hurry! hurry! Sissy's crying!!!" and we try to get dressed as a race :-P ...hence lots of thrown together looks and crazy hair

Today Brielle's  first outfit was a little jumper that Raya also wore as a baby. I believe Bridgett gave us this jumper?? Anyways, I threw on a headband just for Grandma F.!

Not so cooperative for pictures lol

Still a cutie though :-)

Our second outfit of the day was one of my favorites with Raya...faithful blog readers will remember this from many of Raya's baby pictures :-)

Here is a comparison...Raya on the left, Brielle on the right ....still looking very much alike, although Brielle insisted on doing a half cry for pictures so I couldn't get an exact comparison!

And then of course Miss Raya today had to get her sissy cuddles in. She was "writing her shopping list", which is a favorite activity of hers, but she insisted on holding Brielle at the same time. Apparently she can multitask even better than Mama! :-)

I've determined that Brielle has an "ugly cry" haha

But in her defense, it's hard to look cute and maintain composure when you're being squeezed out of your ever loving mind!!! ;-P

...Grandpa H. was somewhat horrified by my letting Raya touch and hold the baby when he visited this past weekend, b/c  he kept thinking Raya was hurting Brielle. I wonder what he'd think of this picture?! ....I  assure you though, no babies were hurt in the making of this blog update :-)


  1. What is the loose schedule that you are tring? Poor Raya , you use to get really mad if I would say the word hurry!!! Brielle is alot older in the comparison pic though, right? They still look alot a like, can't put my finger on what is the most different, I think no eyebrows and less hair on Brielle! Hope your day goes better!
    Grama F
    P.S love the hair bows!!!

  2. Yeah, Raya was 10 days old in her picture.

    The Babywise schedule basically has 2 main concepts--you always eat, play, sleep in that don't eat and then sleep b/c that teaches them to nurse to sleep. And the cycle of eat, play, sleep goes every 2.5-3 from the start of one feeding to the next is 2.5-3 hours. Then they say the eating usually takes about 30 minutes, "play" at this age can range from 15 minutes to however long they stay awake, and then they sleep the last chunk of time before the next feeding. However it's a loose schedule b/c they say obviously not to let them scream if they are starving for food before the next scheduled feeding. But supposedly getting them on this "schedule" makes them naturally start adjusting to day/night and sleep through the night on their own by 7 weeks. We'll see!

  3. I might have to give this babywise schedule a try as Keira is 2 months old and not sleeping through the night yet! She goes a little longer between feedings but I'm going to give it a go...I need my feel nights sleep back!

    I know what you mean about not having time to make the 1st born a fashionista like they use to be pre baby! I'm the same way with kaylee. But now that the baby is a little bit older I can start getting Kaylee back to looking cute again =)


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