Tuesday, February 8, 2011

random update

Grandma F. wanted to know where the pictures have been so here is an update just for her :-P

The girls have been keeping me very busy. Can't quite seem to get Brielle and Raya to line up their naps, which means I haven't been getting a shower until Lee gets home....and when I don't get a shower I have zero motivation to go anywhere so we've been inside playing and trying our best to keep things somewhat clean!

However, you can see how screwed I am with this whole "keep the house in show condition"....THIS is the mess that Raya can make during one of Brielle's feeding sessions. She just keeps getting more and more stuff out, and all I do all day long is pick  up after her!!

This will leave quite an impression with buyers I'm sure! haha

In completely unrelated news, Brielle continues to try out more 0-3 month stuff, just b/c I'm so anxious to get her in more of her outfits haha. However, you can see that many of the 0-3 month things are still way to huge on her!!

 Sorry, no hair pretty Grandma!

She's definitely got some cheeks, but her body is still pretty skinny mini :-P
...so she still wears a lot of her newborn outfits for the most part  (snoozin' away in her comfy fleece outfit--I had her in her carseat yesterday and she actually took a nap in there for a short while...yippee!)

I did call the pediatrician about Brielle's spitting up/ gassiness...he wasn't overly concerned since she's gaining weght fine and not dehydrated. The gasiness and fussing is so unpredictable though that I don't think it has much to do with what I'm eating. Actually someone suggested to me that i could have "overactive letdown" and the baby gulping, etc gets her gassy...and reading up on that I do think that fits as a likely culprit....so I'm going to try some of the things  suggested for that.

Today Brielle is wearing her cowgirl outfit :-)

Raya played (aka tortured) with Brielle this morning...

She likes to take out Brielle's paci, and then forcifully shove it back in!

Looking at sissy

Time to go get dressed for the day Missy Moe!

...the diva has arrived!!

Too bad her nose kept getting in the way! :-P

Hope this update appeases Grandma! ;-)

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  1. Thankyou, Thankyou!!!! I don't need hair pretties, just a few pics of my girls!!! Can't wait to see everyone Saturday!!!
    Grama F


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