Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mama's head hurts

2 kids under age 2, one who is sick, one who thinks sleep is overrated, trying to keep the house in "show" condition....it all  equals  one tired mama!!!!

I can't  wait  until Raya starts feeling better

I was supposed to have my 6 week post pardum checkup tomorrow but I rescheduled. I didn't want to take Raya to daycare quite yet (she's been fever free since Sunday night though)....and I didn't feel right dragging her along to my appointment with pregnant  moms and other babies in the waiting room.

But my oh my, how I would have loved an excuse to get out of the house!!! :-P

I probably would have skipped this blog update tonight since I should be catching a nap!!! ...but  it is Brielle's 6 week birthday!! haha. Where has the time gone?

She's totally pumped to be 6 weeks old :-P
No "birthday" cake, but she did try to eat her  sweatshirt!! The girl has been HUN-GRY today...I got  nothing done except nursing!

Within the last few days she's really become a lot  more alert. She's staying awake for longer  chunks of time, giving smiles, and even has  been "cooing" every once  in awhile!

But you know what? For all of you out there thinking "OMG, she has the cutest kids ever!!" (I totally do :-) ....and saying "I wish I had (slightly less) cute kids of my own!" (hehe)...well to you I  present this little photo that I like to call "Birth Control"

I would like to say that when I left  her she was 1) wearing a bib and 2) eating her prunes with a spoon! 

Lord help me.

Big surprise, but she needed an outfit change after that!

After her nap she was acting a little more like herself

She thought it was just hilarious to hang on my pant drawstring

Ok, to end, a few random pics of Brielle this morning. The girl was awake bright and early  at 4am! Then awhile later she was yawning and acting like it was ME who wanted to get up so early! :-P

I  often put Brielle's bouncey seat on the kitchen counter b/c it's the only way I get breakfast! It makes  her  nervous though....she knows babies aren't supposed to be on the counter!

Happy 6 weeks to my little peanut. Love you baby girl!!!! Now please, go  to sleep :-P

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  1. Raya looks sooo sick on the first pic, much better after her nap! Happy birthday Brielle, you are such a sweet baby girl!!!
    Grama F


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