Sunday, February 13, 2011

Listing the house for sale

The last two days we've been busy, busy trying to get last minute things done before our house goes on the market. Tomorrow our realtor is coming in the morning to take pictures for the listing and then he's coming back tomorrow night when Lee is home so that we can go over listing paperwork. Then Tuesday morning he's bringing the other brokers from his agency through our house for kinda like a broker's open house--but just his agency. Then it's offically on the market!

So Saturday my parents were very helpful and came up so that my mom could paint our bathroom ceilings and touch up a few other places, and my dad helped Lee clean out the garage and storage room. I wrangled the children :-P Then today Lee did some touch up painting, more caulking, cleaned the basement and bathroom, etc. I've been working on laundry, organizing my closet so that's its actually a walk in (haha), cleaning and decluttering the kitchen, etc. We're both exhausted now!! (Especially me who got a grand 3 hours of sleep last night b/c Brielle decided it was party time for hours on end.) Admist all the cleaning though we did go out to dinner for Valentines Day :-) We went to Old Chicago, which is about as fancy and romantic as we wanted to get with two little ones tagging along lol. Lee gave me a gift too--the necklace I've been wanting! After I had Raya he got me a pretty necklace with a charm that was like an abstract mom and dad figure with a little child figure and I loved it. After having Brielle I wanted the one that had 2 kids on it instead, so I had been hinting not so subtly and finally got it :-)

Okey dokey, now on to the pictures!

Here was Brielle on Saturday when Grandma and Grandpa F. visited

Looking so grown up!

Raya came to check her  out during the photoshoot of course

...and that pissed Brielle off!

Naughty Raya

Grandma worked hard all day!

While she slaved away painting ceilings, I took pictures :-P

Brielle peed on herself, hence the new outfit...

Cutie patootie

After Daddy and Grandpa finished their chores we took some pictures haha

This was the very first time Grandpa had met Brielle in person!

Remember when Raya wore this same outfit???

Raya with cousin Sawyer

Brielle is just as cute in the outfit now :-)

Grandpa and Raya had fun looking outside!

Say CHEESE! :-)

...and after Grandma finished her chores she got hugs goodbye :-)

Now onto today, Sunday....

This picture is an inside joke for Grandma F....Nice work  Grandma! :-P

This morning during breakfast Raya and Daddy enjoyed a squirrel show on the deck

And lastly, some pictures of Brielle looking cute before we went out to dinner tonight...

This paci is so ugly's the only kind she'll take though!
I made her spit out the paci for subsequent pictures....I'm a mean mommy :-P

Pretty girl :-)

Oh, and HILARIOUS....but everyone knows that a lot of babies like hairdryers, vacuums, etc. And I"m currently reading the book "Happiest Baby on the Block," and it talks about how hairdryers and such sound like the blood going through the placenta (which is what babies hear all day in the womb) and so that's why those  loud sounds as comforting to babies. Well today Brielle was fussing so I laid her in the hallway and when I turned on the hairdryer she, within 30 SECONDS, was sound asleep! I mean completely out and dead to the world lol. So I laid the hairdryer (on the cool setting) next to her and got ready while she snoozed lol.  Now I just need to figure out a way to have that sound at night so she'll sleep! I"ve tried a loud fan but that doesn't work for her. I can't leave a hairdryer plugged in all night!!! Ideas anyone???

Here is my baby snoozing by the hairdryer :-P

Later everyone!


  1. I hope the house sells sooooooon!!!!! Ask Lee if he has any other projects he needs help with, I'm free all next weekend!!!!!!HaHa!!!! Brielle looks soooo old already, I hate it, she is growing tooo fast, Hopefully you guys come home this weekend to look at houses, so I can have the girls, I didn't get much time for cuddles last weekend!!!
    Grama F


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