Wednesday, February 16, 2011


For those of you who saw my earlier  post, the saga of the horrible house pictures has been solved! My pictures are now proudly displayed on the listing in place of the god awful ones of earlier haha. And yes, I plan on quitting my day job and becoming a professional photographer for real estate agents :-P

In other great news, we have our first showing scheduled! I got a call that an agent has buyers to bring through the house on Friday morning...maybe they'll write a full price offer on the spot? I can dream right? :-)

Also, we are officially scheduled to look at houses on Saturday...I'm excited! The realtor sent  us 6 properties to look at that she thought we'd be interested in. Three of them were not our style at all--hard core subdivisions! Two of them were the 2 I posted pics of in my earlier we said yes, we were interested in seeing those. (However the realtor is supposed to be checking into the one to see if it's under contract, since I had heard it was.) Then one was a house that we had also sorta considered. The problem is that it's a subdivision house, which Lee hates the idea of. However it's a subdivision with two ponds and walking trails and access to the golf course, so those perks make it something he's willing to look at. We are familiar with the subdivision and it's a good location, but we're just not sure of the exact lot this house sits on. We think it's likely that our backyard would be small ...the lot is almost 1/2 acre though. Here are some pics (has 4 bedrooms plus a 5th bonus room, has a theatre room, 3 car garage, for me it sound pretty good haha)

click to make it larger
We'll keep you updated on our search! :-)  The realtor still has to call the owners of these houses to see if we can even see them Sat....but right now we're planning on going to my parents for the weekend and hopefully seeing them.

To end, here are my naughty girls from today.

Brielle was not a happy camper today! (and notice how this coming home outfit of hers is now skin tight!! :-P)

And Raya threw a tantrum at lunch, so I tried to ignore thing I know I see that my table looks like THIS:

Carrots went flying...brat!

When she saw my look of horror she intently stared it down too--as though she had no idea how it got there haha

The funny thing was that she ate all her food ...apparently after the meltdown she decided they tasted good!


  1. That Raya is something else!! Brielle is growing tooo fast, I can't wait to see her Friday!!! The house is going to sell sooo fast you guys are going to have to move in with us!!!!!!!
    Grama F
    P.S. I really think that realtor company needs to hire you for pics!

  2. I may know someone interested in your house, could you post a link to the website for the company that has it listed? thanks!

  3. Sorry, I do not plan to post any information on where I live on this blog publicly. If you do know someone interested in the house please send me your name and email address. Thanks!


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