Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping gone WILD!

So tonight I decided to be brave and attempt taking both girls to the mall by myself. We didn't get there until almost 4pm by the time we did naps, got ready, loaded in the van, etc. but by god I was determined to make it there! Since Lee had my double stroller held hostage in his car at work  I ended up wearing Brielle in my wrap and pushing Raya in the single stroller. That actually worked really well and Brielle slept the entire 3 hours we were at the mall! The only  annoying thing was that I have to put Brielle in the wrap in the parking that i don't have to carry around the she was mighty annoyed at the transfer out of her warm carseat into the wrap, with it being chilly outside! It'd be super convienent if it was summertime.

Anyways, Miss Raya was a good girl and had fun playing with another little girl in the mall play area. I just love watching Raya play with other can see her personality so clearly! She's definitely a follower....she will pick  a kid and follow him/her around like  a little shadow. She even copies them when they laugh, even though she has no idea what's funny lol. The we had pizza at the mall and Raya enjoyed the crust (bread!)....she also had her  first taste of soda! Normally she doesn't care about my drink but today she kept saying "please!" and wanted a drink so I gave her one (knowing she'd hate it!) and she got a horrified look on her face and said "no mama!"  ....don't think she'll be asking for my drink again for quite awhile :-)

Oh, and Raya's mall attire? Well we tried out a new skirt and paired it with her puffy vest and pink polkadot tights....she looked so cute!! The vest and skirt are pretty big  on her, but it still looked adorable....and she got to wear her cool brown boots!

Got a smile....but not looking at the camera!

Found a stray Cheerio on the floor and mighty happy about it! :-)

Silly goose

As far as shopping purchases, I  mainly  wanted  to go to JCPenny b/c I  had a $10 off coupon I wanted to use. I found a bunch of summer things on sale for $4 each, so that  was a good way to get a lot for  my money! Plus, they had the same shirts in infant AND toddler sizes, which meany I had the chance to get the girls some matching shirts!!! (And yes, I realize that many people think dressing siblings alike is lame, but I think it's cute! I certainly  won't do it all the time, but occassionally is fun :-) Plus, I thought maybe they could wear matching shirts and different color leggings or something....

So here are some matching tunic  tops in nice bright spring/summer  colors

...and then I  got Brielle a couple little summer things

The blue shirt is from Children's Place. It says "Lil' Sister--I may be small but I
can be big trouble!"  The little  "jean" shorts are super cute bloomers

 And then Children's Place also had these dresses on sale that I thought was SOOOO cute! And yes, each girl got one! :-P Hopefully I guessed ok sizes for next winter...since  they are dresses I  thought they'd be  pretty forgiving size wise.

And  our  final purchase? Dress shoes for Raya  to wear with her flower girl dress in May! I found these and they were too good to pass up. They should look  cute with her flower girl dress, but still be casual enough that afterwords she can wear them with her regular summer outfits. Plus  they look and feel  super comfy and they were only $12 at Payless! :-) Hopefully  I didn't  buy them too big--I  got one  size up from what she wears nows b/c lately her feet have been growing quite a bit.

So all  in all  a productive  and fun shopping trip with my girls :-) The car ride home was awful though haha.  Brielle screamed bloody murder and Raya had a huge diaper blowout that  I fear may have destroyed her carseat hahaha. Thanks  for the reminder of why  I  never  take you anywhere girls!

Ok, and lastly, some pics of Brielle tonight (and Bridgett, I dug out a hat just for you :-P)

You can really see how jaundiced she was when you compare the pics!

Look  at those chubby thighs!


  1. How cute are those girls going to be when they fit in those matching outfits!!!!!!!! Raya looks so cute in her shopping outfit. You use to be a follower at first, remember following aroud Kara at preschool. Then you turned bossy!!!!!! Can't wait to see how those little personalities turn out!!
    Grama F

  2. the outtings get easier! I usually wear Keira and Kaylee sits in the single stroller. I have a dbl stroller but its way to heavy to lift. love all the outfits, i would love to buy some matching outfits for the girls, but daddys says "NO WAY!"
    Brielle is getting so big, its crazy how much they fill out in a short period of time.

  3. Haha...well I have no idea what Lee thinks of matching outfits...good thing I didn't ask him I guess! :-P


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