Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Professional Photos are done!!!

Brielle's professional  2 week photos are done...yippee!!!!!!!!! Clearly it was difficult to photograph a very awake and wiggly newborn who refused to curl up, be on her belly, etc. haha....b/c there is only one page of photos in her gallery, and for sessions where Raya has been extremely cooperative I've had 2 full pages! That said however, I"m extremely  happy with the ones we got!!!! I can only afford to buy 2 or 3 photos from each session, and there are definitely more than that I'm in love with :-)

Here are my favorites!!

Love this face!!

She hated her belly like I said, but we got one! And I love this one b/c it reminds me sooo much of the ones we got of Raya on her belly...they both had a very disgusted look on their face lol

This one of course (which is slightly different than the one from the sneak peek, which I also liked)

This one is plain and not "girlie" but I love her little face in it :-)

And then of course my shabby chic ensemble, which photographed BEAUTIFULLY, just like I thought it would! Looks great with the floor she had and I  think the color looks gorgeous on Miss Brielle.

You can tell in these photos she was a little rolling ball of energy hehe. No sleepy baby here!

...pondering the meaning of life...

Sweet girl

The rest of the photos can be seen at (click on "website" and then "clients"...password is "Brielle")  I  think I picked out the winners here, but feel free to check out the others :-)


  1. Oh my Gosh, I love everyone !!!You guys sure make pretty ,pretty babies!!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Don't we though? :-)

  3. i think the last one posted here is my favorite. are you going to do announcements?


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