Sunday, February 27, 2011

You're in luck!

So I  wasn't going to post an update tonight. I figured that I'd been posting waaaay too many pictures  lately and thought you might be  getting sick  of the picture overload haha. However, then I took  a look  at my camera just now and decided you know what? It would be CRIMINAL to deny our faithful followers the level of cuteness on my camera currently. So I  decided that another update was in order. I hope you all approve :-)

First off, today we had to go get groceries and we decided that before getting groceries we'd kill  some time in town walking around Target and maybe ToysRUs, etc. So since the girls and  I  rarely get real out of the house outtings anymore we took  advantage of this opportunity and decided to get Raya all  dolled up. When I was finished  dressing her  I stood back  and admired my work !

Mission Adorable- Complete.

This little pillowcase dress I  got  on Etsy when Raya was  a baby. It never looked right on her rbefore she was walking, and even after she was walking I didn't have her wear it b/c she would always untie the ribbon straps! But now she is a big girl, and more mature about her ensembles (well that, and I tied the ribbon in double  knots--haha Raya....try to figure that  out! :-)

While in town we did go to Toys R Us and Raya was the only kid in the store she had a ball running around and touching every. single. toy. lol

I  decided she could buy one thing---and since I can convince her to buy whatever I want, I talked her into a new outfit for baby Anna! Reason number 1,203,847 why I love having girls...the toys are way cooler! :-) And it's possible that I may have been more excited than her to dress baby Anna in her new attire this afternoon hehe. (We let Daddy pick the outfit out though, so he participated in the baby doll love fest)

Baby Anna had a photoshoot this afternoon...

The shoes are like plastic Barbie shoes, which Raya just  thinks is the coolest thing ever. She spent a good 30 minutes taking off the shoes and putting them back on!

Raya  and Daddy held a wrestling match tonight  in the  living room. I was the sideline photographer.

Tonight after Lee put Raya to bed he told me "Raya  is so fun. I could spend all  day hanging  out with her."  hahaha. He may not be a baby person, but he is lovin' the toddler  stage!

Brielle just watched the wrestling match from afar....but it won't be long before she can join in the fun!! Two little girls ganging up on Daddy....can't wait!

Daddy may be  calling "dibs" on Miss Raya  lately, but I  fight him for her all  the time too

Lastly, tonight Raya was just dying to love on baby sister. I have been keeping her away b/c she's been sick, but since she's now been fever free for 1 week I decided I'd  let her spend some time with sissy. Well Raya laid right down next to Brielle on the floor and started screaming "Cheese!!"  ....she wanted me to take their  pictures! haha. That's my girl!!

She  just  thought this photoshoot with sissy was the most fun she'd ever  had!

See, aren't you glad I decided to do an update tonight? You were so close to missing out on this sisterly love goodness!  This picture pretty much sums up the  reason why I was hoping for a 2nd girl, and  so excited that Raya got  a sister!

They are totally going to be the best  of friends when  they grow up

This picture was taken after I put the  camera away. Raya got upset and started crying  "cheese! cheese!" hahaha. So I got it back  out and said "Ok, just  a couple more pictures" and she said  "yay!"

Lastly, this picture  isn't a very flattering one, but I thought you could REALLY tell  how much they look alike, even now with the big age difference.

Hope  everyone has a great week!

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  1. You will never hear me complain about too many pics!!!! I think Raya is officially a Diva! She is just too cute, and now it appears she knows how cute she is, look out!!!! I love the pics with Raya and Brielle, Brielles hair is a hoot. I'm glad Raya still loves her baby Anna.
    Love, Grama F


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