Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Daddy's away....

Last night Lee got snowed in at work  and stayed overnight with his it was just me and the girls on our own...Lord help me! :-P

Miss Raya is starting to get pretty annoyed with me feeding the baby all the time. I can only do so much one-handed while sitting on the couch, and I  offer to read her books, etc. but she refuses. She's starting to demand my 1-on-1 attention during Brielle's feedings and I simply can't do that obviously! So she has resorted to some pretty funny attention seeking behaviors lol.

Last night before bed I was sitting on the couch feeding Brielle, and Miss Raya didn't feel she was getting enough soon this little scene played out on my living room coffee table! (Luckily I had my camera within arms reach haha)

Step 1....preparations are made.

Looks innocent enough, right?
Step 2... get baby Anna

Step 3....climb on up (while Mama is screaming "Raya, no! No, no...get down! Raya Marie!!!!")

Step 4...take baby Anna for a walk, STANDING on the coffee table (and clearly the little shit knows she is pushing my buttons at this point! haha. And in case you can't tell, my "stern" voice has  no effect on Missy Moe...she never even paused to consider following my directions to "sit down!" LOL)

Step 5....after realizing Mama is about to lose her mind she follows my last pathetic attempt to direct her to "get down Rayana Marie!!" pushing the stroller right off the edge and onto the floor. Mission accomplished.

The child is honestly to smart for her own good.

Then this morning she wanted my attention during yet another nursing session, and in an attempt to get me to chase after her she stole all her bedtime loveys and paci out of her  crib and paraded them in front of me in the living room...

I give up! :-P

During a short nap break of Brielle's we did a little dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...


...and fall

Now to end with some Brielle pics...Grandma F. feels that Brielle will grow up and wonder why I always had headbands on Miss Raya at this age, but never on Brielle haha. Well the main reason is that very few of the headbands fit Brielle right now! Plus, I honestly love Brielle's spikey hairdo and I kinda don't like covering it up with hats or big headbands haha. If I coudl put small little clippies in her  hair I'd be doing that, but alas, no hair up top yet ;-P

But to humor Grandma I did tell Brielle she had to try on a big headband today...Brielle does NOT approve!

I think the weight  of the bow made her eyeballs go all wacky hehe

**insert major diaper blowout and  outfit change here**

Then Daddy made it home this  afternoon!!! His work was cancelled today so once the roads got cleared some he came back home. Brielle got in some Daddy cuddles while Mama took a shower and did some chores! wasn't long before Daddy joined Brielle in a little R&R :-)


  1. Well now you didn't have to pick the biggest bow possible to put on miss Brielle!!! I would have been happy with a little one, but she does look really cute!!! Miss Raya is going to continue to push your buttons, I have a feeling this is just the begining, you guys better get moved back here quick, so miss Raya can come live with me!!!!
    Grama F

  2. I couldn't help but laugh while reading this...she reminds me of Kaylee!
    Love Brielle with the big bow!


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