Friday, October 28, 2011

GIVEAWAY reminder--and attack of the killer penguin :-)

First off, my giveaway ends on Sunday night, don't forget!!! If you missed the announcement from earlier this week I'm doing a giveaway from my Etsy shop for everyone who becomes a new follower of my blog this week! :-) I believe so far I have 8 new followers (thanks!) so there is still  room for some new followers to enter the giveaway too. Your odds of winning are still quite  good! Don't forget you need to become a "public" follower so that I know who you are and can get you your prize if you win.

In other news, beware of attacks from the killer penguin...she's  on the loose!

She likes to crawl around and sneak up on you when you aren't looking!

She  also  likes  to team up to  raid my cupboards and cause giant messes...

When that proves unsuccessful she is content to attack poor monkey paci :-P

Hmmm, what else? Well, Raya  is just  as silly as ever! This morning she had to "lick" her cake pjs....she said the  cake  was yummy :-P

Then she decided she needed to get into the fridge in order to "touch the  cake" LOL. I let her touch the glass that  the cake was under, but  when she demanded cake for breakfast I  put my foot down

....because only  Mama is allowed cake for breakfast :-P

Oh, in other news I  need some ideas people. So you probably  saw my blog post from last night about my cool new photo wall. Well this morning while I drank my coffee and made breakfast I continued to admire my work :-P Then I started pondering what to do on the other walls that are bare and I am officially  stumped. What do you think I should hang above the stairs that will "go" with the photo wall? It needs to be large since it's a large wall space....but it can't be really "busy" because there is already a lot going on with the photo wall and I don't want them competing. ...ideas anyone?

This morning Raya  begged for her nails to be painted. She was thrilled  to get her tootsies and fingernails painted, but devastated that I wouldn't *keep* painting them over and over  again haha

To end, let's all  talk about the biggest myth surrounding stay at home moms--that their houses are keept neat and clean at all times. Because seriously, I pick  up the house every 10 minutes and every time I turn my back they've made another mess!!!

Back when I was convincing Lee that I needed to stay home I used the whole "clean house" argument, because I truly  believed  it...and now I just  laugh at how delusional I was haha. Staying home just means there is way more time for the kids  to create messes!!! (I  still stand by my other arguments for wanting to stay home though, so if Lee is reading this--no, I'm not going back to work now :-P)

The upside? They are  cute  little mess makers!

If you wonder lately why  Raya's hair pretties rarely match her  outfits it's because  "Ray Ray pick!" her hair pretties now haha

Isn't  this the  cutest thing--Brielle looks like the bath baby! See the resemblance?

Happy Friday everyone!!! ...and if you are reading this and are *not* yet following my blog, please do--you could win an awesome prize from my Etsy shop!!!


  1. Not sure if you're into quotes, but maybe a quote decal for by the stairs? They make them in all sizes. Just a thought...I'm probably one of the least creative people ever though, so feel free to ignore and secretly laugh at me :)

    I know Lee didn't like it, but I LOVE Raya's hair! It's perfect on her.

  2. I actually *do* like the quote decals....I hadn't thought about one above the stairs but that's actually a good idea :-)

    Thanks...I love her hair too! I kind of hope Brielle looks good with longer hair so then I'll have one with a cute short cut and one who's hair I can do more braids, etc. with haha.


  3. Love Brielle with the bath doll, they look like twins!!!!!!!! Telll the girls I'm coming to get them tomorrow !!!!!
    Grama F

  4. It's so sad when they are old enough to "pick" what they want to wear. The killer penguin is adorable, Raya looks very happy about her pink pretties. As for the wall above the stairs, I was thinking either a big wall decal like from etsy or upper case living or a a big 3 peice canvas the makes one big picture with an inanimate object of some sort or a floral picture since its open with your living room and you have floral curtians.


  5. I love that you said no to the cake and then that only mama can have that for breakfast, because I was thinking in my head how I always say no to the girls for that kind of stuff and even explain to them why, but guess what...I totally eat it!!!

    I think a vinyl phrase would look really cool on that wall going down the stairs. I have a friend who is a consultant with Uppercase Living and she has a huge one in a spot that looks just like the one you are looking to fill. It is this really neat saying about family.

  6. My hubby is from Elkader so his parents still live there. We live just north in McGregor! I knew you were in Iowa, but had no idea you were semi-close!

    I got the hands/feet pumpkin idea from pinterest. Like you, I get most of what I do with the kids there! :)


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