Friday, October 7, 2011

We're no longer "homeless"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning my friends, at approximately 10 am, we became homeowners again!!!! So exciting. Lee got his new job back in December and has been commuting over an hour each way to work since before Brielle was born. Our house has been on the market since February and in general it's been a looooooooong process....but guess what? We made it!!!! We are so in love with our new house--the layout, location, finishes, neighborhood....everything! As my mom has been telling me, I'm one lucky girl! :-)

I'm too exhausted to post pictures tonight, but hopefully tomorrow. Today after we closed my parents and my girls and Harper and Sawyer all went to the new house and we had a "picnic" sitting on the floor of the dining room (since our furniture doesn't come until Monday hehe) and then the kids had fun exploring the backyard. They (Raya and Sawyer) are both pretty timid around the trampoline right now, and they didn't stay in the treehouse very long (no toys up there right now) but the big hit was the giant sandbox under the deck....they played and played in there. Every time I'd tell Raya "this is Ray Ray's new house!" she'd say "nooooooo" ---with the tone of "no, silly mama" haha. She's still confused lol.

This afternoon and evening I working on painting the girls' room. The blue is finished! Took me forever but one room done. Yay. Tomorrow my dad is on vacation and he volunteered to do some painting so I think we're putting him on master bedroom and nursery duty. Then this weekend Lee is off work to do some of the more detailed painting (trees, etc) while my mom is off to watch the kids....and I can hopefully get the girls' bathroom painted.

We have a lot of stuff to do, and then the unpacking will start, so I"m definitely busy right now! Please forgive me if the blog is neglected for a few days....I'll try to check in with pictures of our progress :-)

Lastly, have I mentioned how excited I am? Well, I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaahooooo!!! :-P


  1. What a wonderful new home!!!!!Can't wait to see all the painting when it's done!!!!Yes you are a very luck girl!!!
    Grama F

  2. That's awesome! Cant wait to see pics of everything! How exciting =)



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