Monday, October 10, 2011

Ta-da! Pictures :-)

I'm super exhausted but I figured I better share a couple pictures tonight of the work we've been doing on the new house!

Here's our "coat tree" in the entryway off the garage. Remember we wanted a tree that we could hang coat hooks on? Well here it is...I love it!

^^This is the view from the entry....we haven't hung the coat hooks on the branches yet and I"m still touching up the paint on some of the brand tips, but for the most part she's finished :-)

Here is the view from the kitchen:

Our murals really are a team effort. I come up with the initial idea and show Lee "inspiration photos"....Lee then sketches his design on the wall with chalk. Then after I approve the chalk sketch he uses paint to outline his design. At the end I come in and finish all the painting and do all the detail work, evening out paint edges, etc. I spent HOURS on this tree and the nursery, but the end results are worth it I think!

Here is Lee doing his outline:

Then remember this inspiration photo I posted for the nursery? Well Lee did a great job making it come to life!


Our nursery mural:

Here was my mom last night, doing her slave labor haha. You can't steal her either...she's MY cleaning lady!! :-)

...we know the valance needs to be hung higher....this is just where the previous owners had it and we haven't fixed it yet. I've got another valance for the other window coming...I had to buy another b/c we have more windows at this house!

The movers came today and 4 men worked for over 4 hours to unload the truck haha. Sooooo glad we had movers! I sat on the porch and directed the where to put stuff hehe. Anyways, tonight we got the beds/crib set up and are hoping that starting tomorrow night we can be completely moved over to the new house and sleeping there.

Here is the crib set up...we still have lots of decorating etc. left to do in all the rooms.

Here is the state of affairs in my kitchen right now LOL

Moving boxes have taken over the house!

Last two things real is a sneak peek at the no longer lime green laundry/'s a pale butter yellow now

And here is the color I painted to go with the girls' woodland bathroom :-)

And lastly, as a PS to my friendly neighbor the lady across the street came and talked to me for like 30 minutes, then she came back awhile later with a plate of lunch. SHe said she worried I'd be hungry while waiting for the movers to get everything unloaded. She had a little apple all sliced up, a ham sandwich, a cookie, and a bottle of water...brought it right to my deck! I mean really, how nice are these neighbors?! You all want to move in next door don't you ? :-)

Hope you enjoyed the picture sneak peek!


  1. Everything looks great! Love all the painting you guys have done! What a great mom you have! And great neighbors!


  2. I want to move in! LOL How sweet.
    Loving the coat tree and the mural in the nursery so good. I love the color of the girls bathroom. Gret job!


  3. Shawna, it looks great! I love the mural in the nursery... he's quite an artist! I also love the green paint in the bathroom. Fun to see it becoming your own!

  4. Must be nice to have such a crafty husband! Geez, you're house is looking goooood! I LOVE the green paint in the bathroom... it's perfect! And, your neighbors are out of hand... that's awesome! I just hope they're not nosey too! haha!

  5. Yay Pictures! I was wondering when you would start posting them again...Everything looks great shawna. I especially like the nursery it's very cute.

  6. I just love the new house!!!! Like I said many times before , what a lucky girl!!!! I thought I would love having my house back, (and I do), but I really miss my girls!,I can't wait to have all my babies together tomorrow!!!
    Grama F


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