Friday, October 14, 2011

We have a problem...a BIG problem

My friends, the dishwasher is broken. BROKEN. Oh the horror. That is pretty much the most important part of the house and it's BROKEN!

I went to do the inaugural first cycle in the new home and the dishes came out dirtier than before....and the water was all standing inside...not draining out. Oy. Lee thought maybe it was just plugged but alas now he thinks it's the motor/pump part. This is a fairly new dishwasher as far as we can tell...a stainless steel GE that looks like it was bought with all the other new we have no idea if the problem is new or if the old owners new it wasn't working. I may have to hunt them down and sue them if they knew though LOL. I mean, the dishes are piling up fast here!

So anyways, Lee did some calling around and it sounds like fixing the problem will be like $250 in parts plus the labor to fix it...and a brand new one is like $ we'll probably just buy a new one rather than stick money into a broken one. Whatever happens it better happen soon though! Lee is handwashing the dishes for me tonight--yeah, did you really think *I* would wash them by hand? Ewww!  (And yes, I have issues :-P)

Other than that our internet is now working...yay!!! I am so behind on blogging. Sorry! I feel like I have 100 blogs to read one of these nights! Plus I am a few days late on Brielle's 9 month sock monkey post...I will try to do that soon.

We might try to take the girls to a pumpkin farm this weekend...we'll see. We also have a big grocery trip to make b/c we have bare bones supplies here right now and I'm practically starving haha.

Stay tuned for updates...yay for internet again!!

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  1. Shawna Marie!!!! I sure wish I knew where that phobeia, ( I'm not sue how to spell that)!!! came from. It's just dried on food, you change poopy diapers without blinking!!!
    Grama F


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