Friday, October 7, 2011

Pictures of Raya's first visit to "Ray Ray's house"

As I said in last night's update, we are homeowners again! As excited as we are I think my parents are even *more* excited to be getting their house back LOL. My mom was jumping for joy yesterday afternoon...

Sawyer and Raya were a little afraid of the trampoline yesterday, but they did some jumping with Grandma

Today I can't really paint or anything b/c I"m watching the girls, so we went to Dollar General at got about 30 sand toys on sale for a grand total of $9 haha...and we went back to the new house to play. Today Raya is already warming up to the trampoline and jumping on it by herself. She kept laying on her back and kicking her feet to make herself bounce hehe.

Yesterday though the sandbox was the big hit. I need to have Lee clean it up a bit sometime and add some fresh sand, but it's a huge sandbox so the kids are having tons of fun. It's nice that it's under the deck and shady too.

Sawyer was wearing the tie shirt I made him awhile back :-)

Harper wasn't feeling well yesterday

Brielle did lots of crawling in the grass and rocks. She's easy to please :-)

There is also a treehouse on the property. It looked a little "iffy" but when we went up in it I was surprised that it was actually very solid and quite nice!

There is also a big raspberry patch and Sawyer loved eating fresh raspberries in the yard

Oh, like I had said earlier, since our furniture doesn't come until Monday we had a picnic in the dining room yesterday :-)

Raya loves running through the empty house and rolling around haha

As far as painting I have Raya's new room painted blue. Here it was when I was just starting to get it on the walls

It's going to be sooo pretty once we get all her stuff in there!

And lastly, I couldn't find curtains I liked anywhere! I really wanted a particular green and blue color scheme and I wanted the curtains to be modern and girlie and light and bright! Well I ended up just making my own...I LOVE them! We are going to hang the curtain rod higher (I like doing that to add height to the room) and then I"ll hem the curtain bottom. So the curtains will look a lot better once we do all that...I had just put them up quick to get an idea of the color scheme. We decided to use the chocolate brown furniture from our old house upstairs because it matches really well...and we'll eventually get new furniture for downstairs in a few months probably. For the time being we have a futon and a couple recliners for downstairs. Then I actually like the paint colors in the living room so I think I'm going to leave them. The accent wall is brown and the other walls are a tanish color. Can't wait for my furniture to arrive!

The lighting here is bad, but it's a light green, kinda light aqua blue color, and brown floral print...

Once my mom is off work tonight she is going to babysit and then it's back to painting...wish us luck!


  1. how exciting! love the curtains cant wait to see everything all put together


  2. Congrats on the house! How exciting! Can you have Brielle call Kyla and tell her that the grass really isn't that scary. Thanks :)


  3. I'm not sure we're going to let the girls leave!!!!!Dad wants to keep Raya, and Brielles all mine!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. soooo exciting!!! your backyard seems like a dream land. in so cal i have a slab of concrete that's considered a "patio" and when my friends come over they all call it my backyard (and are totally serious). haha. YOU have a backyard i dream about :)

  5. Thanks everyone!!! Yes, I absolutely love our yard...I'm a sucker for big lawns with a view and pretty trees...although I'd probably be singing a different tune if I had to do the lawn care...good thing Lee takes on mowing duty :-)

  6. I looove those curtains! I need to learn to sew. And, as mentioned that backyard is a dream! your girls are so lucky to grow up there. They will love it


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