Monday, October 24, 2011

Real men wear tutus

Today is Monday which means I was babysitting my niece and nephew. You may remember that really cute picture I posted last Monday---the little matching baby butts of Brielle and Harper leaning over the sandbox playing.

Well today I got another cute "cousins" picture....

Bless his heart, Sawyer can "hang" with all  the  girls! :-) Today we were playing in the "fort" and suddenly Sawyer found Raya's princess crown and decided to put on her tutu and become "Princess Allie". ....for the rest of the day he wore that outfit (he even slept in it for nap!) and him and Raya had a blast playing in their "castle" and hiding from the "queen" LOL.

Sawyer kept saying "Shawna, isn't my dress beautiful?!"  hehe. Now  in his defense he did  also say "this is silly isn't it Shawna? Because I'm a boy and girls wear dresses" The kid  cracks me up :-)

They decorated the castle today with pretty foam stickers

The kids also had fun trying on spooky Halloween masks!

We moved the fort in the basement (now that most of the boxes are unpacked down there!) ....we are going to leave it up for one more week because I'm actually having a Halloween party here Halloween morning. Sawyer and Harper's other Aunt is bringing her boys over for a spooky fun filled morning and I thought the fort would translate well as a haunted house :-P Any other stay-at-home moms around me are free to come to my party too---just facebook me if interested!

Oh, our Tot School art project today (idea from Pinterest of course!) was this cute footprint ghost picture. Let me tell you, painting a bunch of little feet got a little tricky LOL but they all had fun with the "tickly" paint brush on their tootsies! Pictures turned out so cute and Emily liked her spooky foot ghosts :-)

Oh, can't forget the accessory Sawyer added to his get up, just in time for his Daddy to come pick him up  LOL

That's a fake tube  of lipstick  in his pocket...he kept reapplying it and smacking his lips hehe

Brielle is being forgotten...sorry! She's still as cute as ever...I  mean, how adorable is a baby who crawls around with a monkey dangling from her paci all day ?! :-)

And now, switching gears, yesterday evening Lee carved pumpkins! Raya "helped" him draw out his design first...

Then they did the carving out in the garage...Brielle supervised

....and the puppies  stood  guard

...someone needs a haircut again!!!

Raya was fine with pumpkin carving up until the point she actually touched the "gooey" insides....then she was officially  over it haha.

The final product! ...adorning our front porch :-)

Switching gears again (stay with  me people :-) is the handprint art we made for my nephew-to-be! He's going to be here next month! The girls are pumped for their new baby cousin's arrival---we can't wait to go snuggle him in December!! Oh, and have I mentioned I know his name?!?! No, I won't be revealing it because it's a secret and I've been sworn to secrecy. But let me just say I should become a detective because I totally figured it out and guessed correctly hehe. I will say it's a completely adorable name and Megan and Shawn have my approval :-P

Ok, one last thing to share tonight....check out my Etsy store closet, now that I've started to unpack! My fabric and shirt/onesie stash is quite a sight, isn't  it?! :-)

And don't forgot about my post from yesterday! If you aren't already a follower of my blog you need to become one to win my Etsy Giveaway! We're talking FREE STUFF YOU GUYS! We've had 5 people start following so as of now those 5 are entered into my drawing to see who wins the free item from my store. But anyone else who becomes a new follower this week will also be entered into that drawing, so don't miss out!!

Loyal followers who've been with me already, don't worry...I have giveaway info coming for you guys too next week. I have so many new cute fabrics to try out as well so you're all in for a treat! I mean, how awesome is this owl fabric?!

Happy Monday everyone! Tomorrow I'm going to take it easy because my Monday has worn me  out! hehe Fun times though--can't wait to show Sawyer his manly tutu pictures when he's older :-P


  1. Hehe what a cutie in his tutu!
    The ghost prints came out adorable & I love the zebra & giraffe handprints so cute

    Can't wait to hear about the giveaway next week!


  2. I laughed until I cried, those tutu pics are great!!!! He makes a very manly princess!!!!Love the feet ghost, what a great idea, I agree the art project for Megan turned out really cute!!!
    Grama F

  3. That's my boy. One day he's on the sandbar with me digging up worms and chucking rocks, next day its princess allies playhouse. His ever changing identities lead me to believe he's got a life in the theater ahead of him.
    You need some testosterone around that house. Lord knowsit ain't coming from Lee or Sawyer. Lee told me about his variety show days!

  4. Oh my, I love everything about this post! What a fun day! I LOVE that new owl print! I want to order something from your Etsy shop for Kyla's birthday outfit. I love all your stuff!

  5. Those pics are hilarious! I love that sassy shot of Sawyer with the lipstick in his pocket... what attitude!

    I've been procrastinating on the pumpkin carving because I haven't settled on a design just yet, but Cael is very excited to get in on the action!

  6. Hello, I just stumbled across your Blog via Pinterest - what a lovely read (I'm a new follower, yay)! I love the way you write about your days and the photos are all brilliant - thanks so much for sharing your life with us Bloggers - and Happy Anniversary!!!

    Jane xx


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