Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Costume Saga continued...

So if you read my post from this morning you know that I went into town today on a hunt for Halloween costumes for the girls. I'm not a huge Halloween fan by any means, but Raya had fun trick or treating last year and I'm sure she'll have even more fun this year. And my photo-freak self sees a great camera op and wants to make sure the girls look cute! LOL

So anyways, we went into town and went to Target. Ugh, I remembered why I hate store bought costumes. Even the "cheap" ones at Target were like 20-30 dollars, and we're talking for a one time use, will never wear again costume that is very cheaply  made. And a lot of times that  didn't include any accessories! I just couldn't bring myself to do it people. So then I started brainstorming other options. I wanted something that would require very little money spent on the "never wear again" items, and would allow me to make use  of clothes the girls already had or at least purchase clothes  that they would get lots of use out of. And so I thought and thought and thought....

What could my little "evil" girl be?

How about making my devilish little girl THIS:

The devil accessory pack  was only $5...then we already had the red sweater and got the skirt on clearance for $7 and cheap red glitter shoes. Not too shabby! She can get all kinds of use out of the skirt and the shoes will be great for all her xmas  outfits. Only "wasted" the $5 on the devil stuff! I plan to take a black shirt she already has and put "the devil made me do it" ...hopefully I can find time to get those words on her shirt before Halloween :-)

And that left us with little angel baby

What could  she possibly be that is as heavenly as herself? Why, an angel of course!

Her "costume" is actually a $10 slip for wearing under dresses hehe. But I figured at least she could re-wear it as a slip in the future and not be wasting money on a one time use angel costume. I'm just going to have her wear it over the top of white leggings and shirt she already has. I have white fluffy boots for her to wear that were Rayas too....all I need is the angel wings. I couldn't find child size ones anywhere so I'm either going to order some cheap ones online or make my own.

And before people start thinking I'm a horrible  parent, this is all  in good fun. I always joke around that Raya has an "evil" streak and I constantly call Brielle my "angel baby" because she's so the costumes seemed like a perfect choice and they'll both look super cute without wasting a lot of money :-)

To  end for today, some more random pictures of my evil one and angel baby!

She  insisted on wearing sunglasses at breakfast because it was "too sunny"

One of Raya's old outfits


matching hats :-)


  1. cute cute cute costumes!
    That picture of Raya in the highchair with her glasses on and her arms crossed, love it!!


  2. I love the costume idea! I agree with Joeylee, the picture of Raya with the sunglasses is priceless! And I love her outfit!

  3. Great costumes!!! Very fitting. I agree, the pic of Raya in the glasses is just toooooo cute!!
    Grama F

  4. costume idea is brilliant!!! what a CUTE way to make a devil. i might have to try that one year :) i can't wait to see how brielle's angel one turns out!


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