Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We're still alive over here!

...but sad :-( I'm sneaking in a little computer time at my parents' right now because we are in the process of setting up internet at our house (since we are so rural we can't get it through our phone people...we have to get special satellite internet).

Anyways, thanks for all the nice comments on my last post---glad you all like our new place! :-) We are loving it and surprisingly it already feels like home to me (a very messy, full of boxes home haha).

As far as progress in the last 2 days it's been slow. Trying to unpack while watching 2 little ones in a new house is very hard....Brielle gets into EVERYTHING! It's not babyproofed yet so it's tricky to say the least. But I *did* get Raya's big girl bed all set up. ...

The rest of her room is very very bare haha. We do still plan to make the birdie headboards, but will probably wait until Brielle is closer to moving into this room. It's pretty empty because eventually Brielle's twin bed will be in here too. But for now I brought in a few toys that "match" the decor a little and I will be hanging some things on the wall and stuff too. I have a nightstand to bring in once I finish painting and distressing it.

Raya was pretty excited when she saw her new bed.

She looked so small next to her big bed!

I was so nervous about making the switch. She LOVED her crib, and when she saw the crib in Brielle's room she said "Ray Ray's crib!" and when I told her no she got a little teary :-( I had thought I would bring her pack n play into her new room and have her sleep in that until she got more used to the new house, but then yesterday on a whim I just decided to have her try her nap in the big bed and see how it went....she laid right down, took her nap, and called for me when she was done! I was a proud Mama! :-) I fully expected to have to lay with her in bed, have her be scared, or have her not stay in the bed, etc. and none of that happened...she did awesome! She slept all night last night in her bed too without a single problem, and took a 3 hour nap there today. Yay Raya!

I did add a bedrail for safety of course...I think it helps it feel more crib-like for her.

The rest of the room, as I said, is still a major work in progress though!

Oh, I did decide to put my old dresser in the girls' room...since Lee and I have such a huge closet now we don't need something that big and it fits in their room perfectly. I will eventually paint and distress it to match the nightstands...for now it's showcasing her super cool wooden kitchen play sets.

Brielle loves this dresser unfortunately though...she gets into all the drawers! She's just wild you guys...gets into my kitchen cupboards, sticking her slobbery hands in the outlets, trying to pull floor lamps onto herself, etc. This child is soooooooooo different than Raya was...she's going to be the death of me!

Perhaps the girls' favorite part of the new house? The fact that our windows are all huge, and they can stand at the living room window and watch the road! Raya loves it when the school bus goes by, and today she was thrilled with watching the garbage man LOL. She also loves the neighborhood kids riding their bikes. We've already had 2 groups of kids stop by selling stuff  haha...and each time they leave Raya asks to go play with them. Today I told her "they are too big for you" and for the next 5 minutes she just kept saying "they not to big Mama" ....poor girl.

But still, the window is tons of fun. And also makes our house so bright---*love*

Brielle is thrilled that this living room is big enough for our coffee table to make a comeback. We ended up putting it away at the old house b/c it just took up too much room, but this living room layout is much better and we have plenty of room. Makes a great thing to pull up on!! I need to get some corner guards for it or something though, or we will have a black eye soon I think!

Sorry everyone, but you're going to just have to settle for pictures of my cute kiddos today...unfortunately most of my house still looks very much like this:

I did get most of the kitchen unpacked today, but nothing worthy of photos b/c I'm still at the "trying to get crap out of boxes" stage, and I'm far from the "let's decorate and make it look pretty" stage :-P

To end today, here is Brielle playing with the doll stroller...


  1. I'm so jealous of your basement, boxes and all :)

    The girls seem like they love the new house!


  2. Oh my gosh i love your house so far! And yay for raya shes a big girl now sleeping in her own bed your so lucky shawna i wish my two year old son would move from his crib to his bed!....brielle is such a cutie by the way! Cant wait for you to finish unpacking and decorating your house looks great so far!

  3. I think you are doing great for just being at the house 3 days!!!! You've been working your little butt off!!! The girls look soooo happy! I just love Mr Owl pillow on Rayas new bed, he looks stunned by all the new changes!!!!! I told you Brielle is going to be our wild child, but oh how I miss her!!!! Can't wait to have all my babies together today!!!
    Grama F

  4. Love it! YAY for Raya sleeping in her big girl bed. When we switched Kaylee she LOVED it and slept so much better.


  5. Shawna, I love the new house and your big picture windows. Looks like you've got a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse going on in the background too... I'm sure the girls were happy! Great job so far!

  6. Everything looks great, I especially like the curtains. I will have to keep my eye open for sheets for some cute curtains like that in our bedroom. Yay for Raya, she's not a baby anymore!


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