Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Today was pumpkin patch day....yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been so busy lately, but I really wanted to make time to take the girls to the pumpkin patch. We found out about a really big pumpkin farm only a short drive from our new house and now that Raya is older I thought she'd have a great time. Plus I needed photo ops and to document Brielle's first Halloween! :-)

We started the day with Halloween cinnamin rolls hehe

Happy to report that unlike the dishwasher, our oven works great!

Raya  approved of the orange frosting :-P

I must admit however, that we cheated and bought our pumpkins at Walmart the other night haha. They are cheaper than at the pumpkin patch and just as pumpkiny :-) This morning before we left for the pumpkin patch we did a photoshoot--as must  as my uncooperative kids would allow me!

At this time I should explain the outfit choices. See, in years past I would probably plan ahead and make or purchase the perfect pumpkin patch outfit. You may remember last year Raya rocked the adorable brown tutu and pumpkin patch shirt. Well this month has been crazy and so today snuch up on me and I had nothing planned! Lucky for Brielle she has an extensive fall/winter wardrobe after I went "shopping" in the storage room and brought up all of Raya's old clothes...but poor Raya only had the orange tshirt I had made her....nothing else even remotely Halloweeny! So instead we just decided to do brown for fall and it would have to do :-)

Ok, off to the pumpkin patch now!

Uncooperative for the photo op!

Not a fan of the  tire swing lol

There were sooooo many people...this was only one section of the farm
Raya was overwhelmed at times and scared of the crowds.

Not a farm animal girl LOL

Raya was scared of the corn box---which she loved last year--but it was packed  with people here
so that's probably why. Brielle loved it!!!!

Hayrack ride was windy!

Get me down!

Raya was scared to go on this "train" alone, but loved going with Daddy!!!

No one  likes taking pictures with Mama for some reason! :-P

We took a hayrack ride out to the GIANT pumpkin patch, but did our photo shoot in the smaller one up by the entrance. Brielle looked so cute in her little hat. Everyone kept commenting on the cute "pumpkin baby" hehe.

It was very sunny so we got a lot of Raya's "squinty face" :-)

Nope, still don't want pictures with Mama!

Guess which pumpkin I picked to take home? The cutest one in the patch of course! :-)

Daddy's girl

Raya gave the day her seal of approval!

This was our view of Brielle in the baby mirror on the way home--wore out!
So all in all I'd say Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza 2011 was a success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holidays are 1000 times more fun when you have kids, aren't they? :-)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great day!!! Brielle looks sooo cute with her pumpkin hat!!
    Grama F

  2. Cute pics! What's the Story with the shoes? I liked Brielle's little boots & Raya's original boots!

  3. Yeah, I did too...but Brielle's boots didn't fit right...every time she pulled up to stand her ankle twisted and she cried. I couldn't figure out the problem so I just switched shoes. They may have been too small--I don't think her heel was getting all the way down.

    Raya's sweater boots are brand new and at the last minute I decided that I didn't want her jumping through hay and mud etc. in them b/c they aren't very durable.


  4. so cute! we are taking the girls to the pumpkin patch on Wed. I'm excited!


  5. Love ALL the pictures, especially the pumpkin hat! I wanted to take Kyla to a pumpkin patch, but it would probably have been more for Tyler and I so we'll do it next year. This year I settled for pumpkins at Home Depot since we were buying paint anyway, haha. Pathetic!


  6. they look so cute in their pumpkin patch outfits!! i'm dying over brielle's hat and raya's fur vest. id totally wear raya's vest :) and we do the exact same thing with pumpkins- buy them from walmart :) LOL. they're so damn expensive at the pumpkin patch!!! haha


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