Monday, October 17, 2011

Licking Cousins--like kissing cousins, but with more tongue :-P

Today was the first day I've babysat my niece and nephew at our new house. Sawyer was so excited this morning, it cracked me up. Every time he'd see a new room (like Raya's bedroom or the playroom) he'd say "wow! This is amazing!" LOL. The downside was that with all the new "amazing" things to see and do the kids had an attention span that lasted all of 2 minutes per activity. They'd play something for a minute or two and then you could see the wheels a turning in Sawyer's head--he just couldn't wait to see what I'd pull out next!

This morning I had Raya and Sawyer do a photoshoot. I told them it was a "friend photoshoot" because cousins are good friends (makes sense right?) Well soon the photoshoot became a little *too* friendly, and there was a lot of fake licking and giggles haha. Thankfully no *actual* licking took place though. Miss Raya just adores her cousin So So!

While the babies took morning naps the big  kids got to play "special games"

I swear Raya was having fun....even though this picture looks like I was forcing her to build towers at gunpoint or something LOL

After nap we went to play outside  in the backyard. I know Grandma F. loves when I babysit because she wants photos of all the grandkids here are some fall photoshoot pictures :-)

She was on a mission of some kind! lol

No idea why the lighting in this one is weird...still kinda cool though :-)

Sawyer would stand there and eat raspberries all day if he could!

Hurry up Aunt Shawna, I've got places to go!

My girl always looks so sullen haha

Sawyer kept eating those berries!

I wonder when the farmer will harvest our backyard? Love seeing all the fall corn :-)

Then we made sure to hit the sandbox too!

Look at those cute cousin tushies :-)

Sand toys are DELICIOUS!

I think good old sand is delicious myself!

Think it's time for someone to get a kleenex!

We ended with a nice walk down the road and then got the mail (a highlight of Raya's day!) While I was getting the babies inside I told the big kids to go sit in the living room...and when I came inside I saw this:

Don't interupt a man and his fashion ads :-P
Oh, on another note, after our walk we got to hang up our coats and hat on the coat tree! Lee got a few hooks up last night :-)

Even though this post  is already seriously  long, the kids are all  still napping so let's continue the fun with more house pictures LOL. Here is the newest completed project in the nursery....we got a curtain rod to hang the quilt from --above the changing table. We didn't have a good spot to hang it at the old house so it was always packed away, but it's really adorable so I'm glad we could hang it up here since we paid for a crib set and pretty much have only ever used the sheet and valances LOL

Here is our little "reading nook"'s funny because those butterfly decals on the wall? I had  bought those waaaaaay back  when and after I got them home (at the old house) they disappeared! I had convinced myself that the lady at Kohls had forgotten to put them in my bag. Well sure enough the movers must have found them somewhere because they showed up in a box at the new house !!! They worked out perfectly here :-) This little spot is right next to our game closet at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. It was too small to really use, except I discovered our little bookshelf fit perfectly.

Just around the corner the girls' playroom officially has the pepto pink toy shelf back! Lee got it put back together....he just needs to get new trim peices to put on the front and then I'll touch up the paint. It actually survived from the old house better than I expected!

My mom and Lee both (separately) insisted that I needed this table in the playroom---in the end it's working out pretty well. I can sit there and play on the computer while still supervising the kids. And as Lee and my mom said "you can drink your coffee and socialize with other adults during playdates" --guess I need to schedule some playdates now! :-) I plan to paint the chairs some fun colors or something...

On saturday my mom gave over around noon and we held her hostage (not really...well kinda ;-) until after 10pm. She scrubbed and sanitized our floors, cleaned light fixtures, scrubbed the trash can, and did a variety of other tasks that I probably would never bring myself to do haha. Thanks mom!

The floors look amazing!

Brielle can see herself in the shiny floors now :-)

And to end, a few randoms I haven't shared yet...

Those eyes! My goodness!

One of my favorite outfits of  Raya's

Bad day!

Raya keeps stealing our toothbrushes and slobbering all over them!!

The boys aren't allowed upstairs....but that doesn't stop Griffin from laying on the stairs looking pitiful and begging! ....and before you feel bad about it, we are downstairs constantly with them!


  1. Sooooo many cute pics!!!! Love all the grandbabies together! Those eyes of Brielles are something else!!! The pics of Brielle and Harper from the back are really cute, they are going to be such good friends, so glad they are together now!!! Raya and Sawyer have sooo much fun together, two funny funny kids!!
    I love the coat tree with the coats on it, really neat!!!
    You'll have to let me know the next project for me, glad the floors turned out sooo well!
    Grama F

  2. The tush picture of the girls is cute! I also like the seprate pictures of Harper and Brielle making scrunchie faces. Sawyer and Raya laying on the counch looking through the adds is too funny! She sure loves to hug her "Soso". Coat tree looks great. How did you get the quilt hung? We need to do that with Sam's but I havent figured out how. We were just talking about a play date, how perfect!! The house looks great.


  3. So cool that the kids have a cousin/friend around the same age as them to grow up with! I absolutely LOVE the coat rack. And everything else you've done around the house for that matter!


  4. I agree with amy its cool that each of the kids have someone to play with. Love that first pic of Raya and So So, so adorable! Love the coat rack. I need a play room in our new house.


  5. Shawna- I love the pics! Especially the licking cousins and Harper in her blue hat!


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