Friday, October 21, 2011


First off, I must  state a retraction according to Lee. You see, awhile back  I  stated (falsely) that Lee had more clothes than me. However yesterday Lee cleaned out our storage room--purging 70% of it--yay for no clutter!....and during his cleaning he found like 4 tubs of my clothes that  I had forgotten about LOL. Oops. Now one tub was maternity, so I  told him that hardly counts, but the others were all clothes  I  had packed away in the off season and then forgotten about over time.

You see, one of the thing I LOVE about being a stay at home mom is that it almost completely eliminates the whole  "I  have nothing to wear" saga. When I was working some "good" days I'd pick out an outfit, feel totally cool and  cute, and happily skip off to work. But on other days, oh my....I'd almost be late to work after 20 minutes of trying things on and deeming each one too old, ugly, faded, didn't fit right, made me look  fat, etc. etc. (I can't be the  only  one to do this right?) Then the hair and makeup saga....I  hated it! Sure, I like getting dressed up and looking cute sometimes, but it's way more fun (and  less stressful) to do so on *my* terms, on days when I feel  like it. Plus, constantly buying new clothes trying to make myself feel cute and current gets damn expensive....especially when after a couple months I often decided I didn't like the item anyways.

So nowadays my "uniform" at work is  often a hooded sweatshirt  and pair of jeans...*love*. I don't really need the  tubs and tubs  of clothes anymore! I  gave a bunch to goodwill and then saved some things too obviously, but this morning as I threw on my Cardinals sweatshirt (go cards! by the way :-) I was very happy that the clothing saga for me is currently on hold. I'd much rather  exert that energy dressing my girls, which is way more fun anyways.

Speaking of the girls' clothes, Brielle is drowning in clothes with all of Raya's hand-me-downs. Raya had a lot of clothes, but Brielle has even more b/c she  can pull from a variety of sizes Raya accummulated over a long time. The  thing driving me a little crazy though is that I still can't  find much for her to wear for her 9 month professional  photos next Thursday! I just feel like you can't put a kid  in "used" clothes for photos....b/c  they do  have  some fading and wsh wear etc. etc. I'm trying my best to pull some things that will work though!

Raya on the other hand, does need a few clothes. Specifically  long sleeve shirts. My mom picked her up a couple at Walmart to get us by, but I"m still keeping my eyes open for a couple others. Besides that though the girls are set! (sadly)

...which means I can only  dream about some of the cute clothes I'm finding on Pinterest :-P Babies  are fun  to dress up because they are "cute"...but  I"m so excited that as Raya gets older I can dress her "cool"!!! It will be a sad day when she insists on dressing herself. I can only  hope she has a keen sense of style :-)

Here are some "pins" of cute girl's clothes I've found recently:

And now some random "pins" that I love

We are definitely doing this down the road. Turn a dresser into a Barbie
House--leave the bottom drawer in to store all the barbie stuff

I love everything about this bathroom, but especially the shelves above the toilet

I want to do this in the girls' bathroom--hanging fruit
rack to store bath toys--drip dry!

I wish these were cheaper...would be adorable in the girls' birdie room

How cool is this? Stained  paint stir sticks turned into a lampshade

I  wish I was talented enough to make these for Brielle's 1st birthday party!
Once Brielle wakes up from her nap we're going into town on a Halloween costume hunt. As I've said before I have no time (unfortunately) to make their costumes and I had thought about buying Barney/Baby Bop costumes but all the cute ones had giant headpeices which I thought Raya would  hate wearing. So now I'm just going to try and find a couple store bought costumes...probably no  theme. Yeah, I"m lame. But  busy. They'll forgive me :-P Plus the costumes have to be really warm b/c we'll probably do the tick or treating in "downtown" of my home town...they do a thing for the little kids and so we'll be out at night in the cold most likely. Hopefully I can find something that isn't *too* lame! Wish us luck :-)


  1. You're definitely not the only one that goes through the too old, ugly, faded, didn't fit right, made me look fat stuff. I just did it last night for my Thirty-One party. Haha. I had clothes laid all over our bed and didn't have time to put them away before I left. Tyler just laughed because he knows that's what I do.

    Good luck on the costume hunt! They will be cute in anything! Can't wait to see what you find!

  2. Great ideas, love love love the barbie house, also love the fruit baskets for the bath toys!!!
    Grama F


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