Saturday, October 8, 2011

Won't you be my neighbor?

Let me just say, our new neighborhood rocks. My mom actually works with a lady who knows people in our new neighborhood, and she kept telling my mom how nice the neighborhood was, but I didn't realize just how nice until yesterday. I was painting and then my doorbell was the lady from down the street with her two girls (elementary and middle school age) ....she greeted me with a "welcome to the neighborhood!" and a plate of warm, fresh from the oven, chocolate brownies. No, seriously. I didn't know people still did this but it was awesome. Then earlier in the day the lady from across the street came over and introduced herself and talked my ear off for about 20 minutes. When neighbors drive by in their cars they always's just so friendly, I love it!

The painting is coming along nicely. All 3 upstairs bedrooms are pretty much done and I finished the girls' bathroom today as well. Lee is halfway done with his tree (the one in the entryway for coats) and it looks awesome. He's got the nursery forest and deer sketched out and it's looking good too. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow!

For those of you lovin' my curtains from the earlier post I'll let you in on my secret. I found a queen size sheet (a king or two twins would work too)...I took the queen sheet and cut it in half and then used a roll of iron on hem (no sew) that you can buy in a package at walmart for less than 2 bucks. I ironed the cut edges over using the hem tape and I was finished! Seriously, not one stitch of sewing was used on them :-) I got the queen sheet set for $19 and it made the two curtains and then I"m using the pillowcases to make throw pillows for the I'll have two curtain panels and two pillows for was less than the cost of a single curtain panel store bought....yippee. Besides saving money though the main reason I did it was because I really wanted a cool patterned curtain and those are super hard to find. I couldn't find anything I liked and just happened to stumble across a sheet set in a pattern I loved. You just want to be careful when picking out the sheet that you get one that doesn't *look* like a sheet. The ones with large patterns tend to look more curtain like than say a sheet with tiny polkadots or something.

Off to Menards with Lee to buy some more supplies! .....


  1. no sew curtains? thats my kinda project! thanks for the tip!

  2. PS - Check out my blog today...hope you have room for a little extra something in the new house :)



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