Monday, October 10, 2011

Today is the day!

One more quick, pictureless update...sorry! Have I lost all my readers yet by boring them to death? haha. So busy you guys, it's crazy! I was at the new house all day yesterday...early morning until almost midnight....and spent a majority of that time on a ladder painting! I got all the upstairs bedrooms done (the nursery with the trees and deer mural? Turned out great!) ....I also have the upstairs bath and the laundry room done....the master bathroom got started but not finished...ran out of time!

Yesterday afternoon my mom stayed from 1pm until almost midnight cleaning. Seriously, the only complaint I have about the new house is that the old owners were kinda dirty! My mom has our kitchen SPARKLING now. She only cleaned about a gallon of dried chocolate syrup off the cabinets and appliances. The old owners had 4 kids so we were blaming them, until we went into the master bedroom and my mom found chocolate syrup all over the carpets! Haha...either they were having icecream parties with their kids or they were a little kinky LOL. And the 2 little girls in the family must have been OBSESSED with pink finger nail polish b/c it was all over cabinets, doorframes, and their bedroom carpets! My mom scrubbed and cleaned and I think we got the carpets pretty good now...I wish they would have replaced the bedroom carpets too (they replaced all the other upstairs carpets so it's brand new)....but oh well....most of the bedroom floors will be covered with stuff and we'll eventually replace them down the road.

Anyways, movers come this morning so I have a full day ahead of me....check back for pictures soon, I promise!!


  1. Can't wait to see pictures! It will be so nice when it's all finished and you can relax and enjoy your new, awesome house.


  2. That's awesome that your mom came to help clean, cant wait to see pics too



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