Monday, October 3, 2011

The return of Tot School--Fall Wreaths

Today was Monday, which means watching Sawyer and Harper (Raya's favorite day of the week :-)  ....and today Tot School made a comeback (I plan to start up again in full force at the new house) with a little festively fall activity that I found on Pinterest--Fall Wreaths!

This activity was very easy and very fun---kept the kids entertained for over an hour! First I prepared for the activity by cutting the "wreaths" out of cardstock and attaching a string to hang them. Next I loaded the babies in the stroller and Sawyer and Raya walked with us carrying their own ziplock baggies --to store their fall treasures! We picked some of the flowers and plants from neighbors' yards, and gathered the acorns and pinecones etc. off the ground. Sawyer kept exclaiming "Look shawna! That leaf is beautiful!" and then he'd go get it for his baggie haha. Raya tagged along....although she was the first one to start gathering a variety of nuts off the ground lol. After a good 30 minute walk gathering all of our goodies we went back home and laid everything out on the table. Then the kids took turns telling me where to squeeze the glue so that they could place their items on the wreath. I just used good old Elmers glue and it held everything just have to use big globs of it :-) In the pics the glue is still wet, but it did dry clear for the most part. Sawyer was extremely proud of his masterpiece and Raya's is now hanging on my mom's front door!

Then we also did painting and playdough today. My mom has a cookie monster playdough toy so Sawyer loves feeding cookie monster his creations and then watching him "poop" them out the back LOL.

Harper did manage to find a couple little playdough crumbs and eat them before I could stop her!

After naps today we did lots of playing outside. Brielle would crawl off in one direction, Harper would run off in the other, and I ran back and forth trying to contain them!!! :-)

Sawyer and Raya played sidewalk chalk and Sawyer kept saying "move over here Raya! Harper can't get us up this big hill...we will be safe!" .....and then 5 seconds later Harper would run right over to them and try to take their chalk and then Raya would squeal and try to hide the chalk haha.

Brielle wasn't motivated enough to crawl all the way over to the chalk hoarders, so instead she crawled around the driveway looking for leaves to eat.

Then everyone decided it was fun to run down the big hill! I kept trying to stop Harper but she insisted on going too. She took a few tumbles but got right back up again! Brielle did her best to crawl after :-)

If you're wondering why Brielle looks so somber today, and unlike her smiley self, it's because for some reason she refused to nap today and by this afternoon was absolutely EXHAUSTED. Poor thing.

So now that I'm watching my niece and nephew regularly I'm learning a lot of new things about them. Today I thought I'd share what I've learned about Miss Harper.

No, seriously. She eats more than I do. ....and in half the time :-P

To end, the kids (especially Sawyer) still love playing in the rice. Awhile ago I discovered that the dog gate/fence fits around it perfectly to keep the babies now it looks like I cage the kids in there haha. Unfortunately Raya knows how to get out! hehe

**And in case you haven't seen me say this in the comments of previous posts, I do appologize if it seems like I'm ignoring other blogs/bloggers and not commenting, etc. For some reason I am not allowed to comment on blogs unless they have the "anonymous" option for commenting...and even when they do for some reason lately I've still had trouble commenting from time to time. Sorry about that! I still do love comments here on my blog though :-) And if you aren't following me yet, please do!

Oh, lastly I want to do 2 shout outs. First, it's Down Syndrome Awareness month right now and my blogger friend Joeylee has a little brother with Down Syndrome so she did a wonderful post that you should definitely check out!

And also another blogger friend of mine is doing a "Thirty One" giveaway (I hadn't heard of it either, so check it out if your curious--I'll leave you suspenseful :-) definitely check out her blog here and enter to win! She has a little girl the same age as Brielle with the most awesome red hair --just adorable!

Happy Monday!


  1. looks like you had an awesome day! love the wreaths. love all the pics

    Thank you for the shout out, your so sweet


  2. Sawyer talked all night about his fun-filled day! Harper babbled all night too, and I'm sure that's what she was talking about! Thanks for the great pictures!


  3. Looks like I need to get more glue!!! I love the fact that the cousins all get to play together now on a regular basis, they just have soooo much fun together!!!
    Grama F


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