Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A smallish house/ Halloween picture update :-)

First off, remember the sad and lonely white slip picture I posted a few days back, which was to become Brielle's angel costume for Halloween? Were you, like me, a little worried that poor Brielle would be going in a sad white slip while her sister had an entire devil get-up? Well have no fear, I have successfuly turned the slip into an angel extravaganza :-)

I had a silver headband which made a great "belt" accent, the little gray and white polkadot shoes I already had--they are one size too big but they'll be fine for one day, the wings Lee cut out of cardboard for me and then I covered them in silver tissue paper which I had "crinkled"--I still need to attache elastic straps to hold the wings onto her body :-)  And then the halo isn't finished yet but you kinda get the idea. I took pipe cleaner and wrapped it in white tulle and formed a halo. I still have to cut it down and attach it to a headband for her to wear. Then she'll have a white long sleeve shirt and silver leggings on underneath!!

View from the back...

Hopefully the girls will cooperate for at least one picture together on Halloween!!!

In house decorating news, I've completed a couple little projects recently. First, remember the picture I found on pinterest that had towel hooks hanging in a kids bathroom, with a picture of each kid above their respective towel? Well here is my version:

We did three hooks so that it'll be all ready to go when we have our last baby. So for now the  middle hook just has a picture of the two of them together. I might eventually put bath pictures of them in the frames, but for now I just used some of their professional photos.

I love how it turned out and now when guests are sitting on the toilet they have adorable pictures to look at LOL :-) And the girls can always remember which towel is theirs. (Ignore the weird shadow on the wall there)

The only little problem was that I was looking for cheap silver frames and when I bought them I didn't realize their wasn't a hook to hang them from! They were meant to sit on a table. So I ended up attaching them with little ribbons for now.

One more picture for good measure--it's pretty much the most complete room in the house LOL. I still need to get some cute hand towels and maybe a fun picture to hang above the towel bar.

And now for my 2nd project sewing nook. It's just barely unpacked, so very little actual decorating has occured!

All the stuff in/on the old entertainment center is pretty much scrapbooking/pictures/etc. I don't scrapbook much anymore, but I use all  of that stuff  constantly when doing arts and crafts with the kids. Then the other bookshelf has the work related books/texts that I  wanted to save for when I go back to work and also all  of my crochet stuff and tulle for making tutus. In between is my sewing machine area. Up on the wall I hung all my ribbon using a trouser hanger. I had gotten that idea off of Pinterest and it works great! Then my big desk currently is covered in crap I have yet to put away....but it'll be wear I draw out all my shirt designs and cut my fabric and stuff.

So anyways, not too "pretty" right now, but it's hard b/c I don't have the money to buy a fancy desk/organizational system so I am kind of stuck using odds and ends peices of furniture. And since this sits in the corner behind the family room area I can't paint it or do any crazy decorating because this room is technically supposed to be Lee's man area :-P

Here is how it looks from the stairway. In a week or so when we take down the cardboard fort the room will feel a lot less cluttered!

To end, today Raya and I made a cake for Lee and my anniversary...yum!

I told her to sit the stuff on the table for later when we would  make it....she was horrified that we weren't doing it right that second!

Then a little later she was playing with my tape measurer and said "I go show Brielle!" and I said, "no, you can't show Brielle the tape measurer right now because she's sleeping" then she said "Ok, I got show the cupcakes!" and she proceeded to go have a conversation with the cake mix and frosting on the table....she was all "Hi cupcakes! Look at me!"  hahaha...what a goofball

Then it was time to cook!

She just loves to crack eggs "all by self Mama!" and also stir :-)

The finished product! We made a  layer cake this time---normally we make cupcakes but a cake felt more "anniversary-ish" hehe


  1. Mmmm, yummy, that cake looks scrummy and I wish it was in my tummy!! We're going to be making some halloween cupcakes tomorrow - we've got some green edible glitter - that should be fun!

    Thanks for your visit to my Blog, I was in the process of editing my latest post, pop on by again to see some cool crocheted hats if you have time xxxx

  2. Your sewing area looks great, you've got it very organized!!!! Love Brielles costume, she's going to be the prettiest little angel ever!!
    Did Raya love her can of frosting for the cake!!!

    Grama F

  3. Aww, Brielle is going to be so sweet for Halloween! I'm so behind but I need to fashion a Mickey Mouse costume for Graham. I have the ears and red pants, but I need to make buttons and locate a shirt that will work. I hope he turns out half as cute as Brielle is sure to be!


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