Sunday, October 2, 2011

Houston, we have paint!

Today we took a trip to Menards and $200 later we have lots of paint for the new house, some misc. supplies, AND a new green shag rug for the girls' bedroom!  hehe. Lee hates the rug, I love it. Guess who wins? :-) Plus it was on sale for $19.

Brielle approves :-) If you look ^^^^^^ the rug exactly matches the darker/brighter green in the bedding. Plus it's super soft!

In other news, guess who was STANDING in her bed today after nap? Brielle!!! I was shocked when I went downstairs to get her and she was peaking her little head over the edge of the pack n play....she's soooo active anymore!

She hasn't stood up again yet tonight, but she keeps pulling up to her knees.

Today I bought Raya some paint, because she's been asking for her paints which are packed away. She had so much fun and painted about 5 masterpieces.

Lastly, tonight Raya put on my mom's shoes and pranced around LOL

^^^She seems to be sliming down lately, especially her legs don't you think?

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