Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy (Belated) 9 months Brielle!

My baby girl turned 9 months old on October is October 22nd...I'm not winning any mommy punctuality awards right now, that's for sure! Hopefully she will forgive me :-) I  doubt  she really minds though, because just like big sister, 9 months marked the  worst monthly photoshoot to date! I distinctly remember 9 months being when Raya suddenly started to despise Mr. Owl and anything having to do with sitting near him for photos. Well, Brielle was horrified by Sock Monkey today too! She wanted down off the chair and the idea of posing with a stuffed animal PISSED. HER. OFF. Oh well, I did the best I could people!!!

As far as 9 month stats, she has 2 bottom teeth, weighs just  over 19lbs and 27 inches long, she crawls fast and pulls up on everything. She gets into cupboards, bangs toys on the furniture and TV, gets into Raya's toys, "talks" a lot, loves the song "If you're happy and you know it..." and claps her hands like crazy, takes 2 naps a day, sleeps through the night, doesn't like to wear anything on her head, loves her monkey paci, sleeps to the sound of static on the radio, laughs a lot, eats babyfood 2-3 times a day, is starting to like puffs and mum mums, likes to try drinking water from her sippy cup, wears mostly size 12 months and size 3 shoe, eyes still blue and hair is getting longer! That's Brielle in a nutshell right now :-) Raya is on a kick now that whenever she sees Brielle she says "Hey pretty girl!" hehe, so I guess it goes without saying that the whole family continues to be smitten with Miss Brielle. I can't believe that in less than 3 months we'll be celebrating her first birthday! Where does the time go?!

And as much as we love her and she's an "easy" baby, she has been exercising her right to be evil more and more lately. For instance, yesterday I turned my back for literally 1 minute and hear Raya screaming "No No Brielle! Mama, Brielle's face is dirty!"

And then, as though the situation were unclear to me Raya clarified "Mama, Brielle eat Ray Ray's color!"

Yes Raya, I can see that :-P

Maybe my "angel baby" isn't so  angelic afterall! :-P

Speaking of Halloween costumes, my little devil girl relishes the role I think!

Today my mom came over to babysit and clean (Thanks again mom! She got our laundry room, downstairs bathroom, carpet on the stairs, etc. sparkling clean!) Anyways, I wanted Raya to try her costume (well, everything except the red sweater and shirt, etc.)...and let me tell you, this child knows how to push my buttons! She REFUSES to wear the tail. I mean, really. It's so light weight she can't possible even feel it, but just  knowing that it's there makes her cry and tantrum and pull  it off.   I then tried the old standby--bribing with candy--and even that didn't work until after about 5 minutes of whining. She then left the tail on long enough to eat her sucker before ripping it off again!!! :-P Wonder how many suckers I'm going to have to feed her on the day of Halloween!?!?!?!

...Brielle just wasn't sure  which shiny red thing she wanted to grab first! :-)

Hope you're all  having a wonderful weekend--later!

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  1. Raya looks evil with that grin on her face!!!!!
    Love the pic with Brielle with red all over her face!!!(P.S.) Where else did she get all that red!!!!!! I can,'t believe Brielle is 9 months, she is growing up way to fast!!! I'm still laughing about how Raya followed me around and helped me clean, she would sigh when I would sigh, and get her nose right down close as she would scrub with her little disenfectant wipe!!!!! I'm going to train that one right!!!!!
    Grama F


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