Saturday, October 1, 2011

I pinned me something good

Today Lee's mom visited. It was a nice day and my mom cooked an awesome lunch :-) I didn't take any pictures though and frankly I don't have enough free brain space to compose a decent blog post right now, because all of my brain space is taken up with thoughts of our new house (can I get a yippee?! :-) here are some random "pins" from Pinterest that I thought I'd share. If you want to check them out in more detail then be sure to check me out on Pinterest yourself....a link to my boards is on the right hand side of my blog.

First, I'm going to try a recipe for homemade icecream with Raya....5 minutes in a ziploc bag with minimal supplies--right up my alley :-)

I think on a Monday when I'm watching Sawyer and Harper we will go on a "hike" at our new house and collect things to make fall wreaths like this:

I saw this handprint art and thought it'd be cool to somehow get handprints/ trace hands of all the people who come to our house regularly (family, friends, daycare kids, etc.) and make some sort of handprint art using everyone's handprints in the playroom. A collage or something...

I think I might make Raya a doorway puppet curtain like this for Xmas

I don't wear much jewlery, but I love this idea of painting cutlery trays and hanging them up to use as storage

Brielle's 1 year pictures will be in January, in the winter obviously. I"m toying with the idea of trying outdoor winter photos....if we have enough snow to be pretty. I want the photographer to come out to our new house and do them there...inside the house and out. I've been looking for ideas of winter photos and think something like this would be adorable

And I'm currently kidding myself into thinking that for Brielle's 1 year photos we can attempt a sister picture and have better luck than we did the last time we tried (Brielle's 3 month)....Yeah, what am I thinking? haha. Any chance my two will cooperate and do a picture like this one? :-P

It's a ways off yet (no I'm not pregnant) but I'm considering doing maternity photos next time. My next pregancy will be my last and I've never done professional maternity pictures before. If I'm being honest maternity photos kinda weird me out. I guess I don't picture myself hanging pictures of my belly all around the house to display, and I find the naked belly or half naked husband hugging and kissing a naked belly etc. a little creepy LOL. No offense if you like those :-P BUT, the thought of my last pregnancy makes me a little sad/sentimental and I think maybe it'd be a fun way to remember/enjoy my last time being pregnant. I think doing maternity photos (fully naked bellies) would be a neat thing to do just once....I'd like them to be like family photos where I just happen to be not just pictures of me :-) Anyways, I think a photo like this is very sweet and right up my alley for what I'm thinking--when the time comes

What else? Oh, Brielle's birthday party? Here's a little taste of what I have planned ;-)

Wanna laugh at me? Yeah, I've already tossed a few ideas around for Raya's 3rd birthday too haha. I'm thinking something along these lines---a little cowgirl party anyone? :-)

Let's end with some fun holiday "pins"....feeling Halloweeny yet? I told Lee he's going to drill me some pumpkins this year :-P

Speaking of Halloween, I had planned to make the girls' costumes. I was going to have Raya be Winnie the Pooh and Brielle be Piglet.....but those require me to make a lot of stuff and I"m just not sure I"ll have time! My backup plan is to buy store bought costumes, and if I end up doing that I think I might have Raya be Baby Bop and Brielle be Barney. Raya is soooooo obsessed with Baby Bop.

How about Thanksgiving? I found some pumpkin pie playdough to try making :-)

And what about Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year? I lovin' the idea of a clothespin wreath to hold christmas cards

And I want to start the Elf on the Shelf tradition with Raya this year too :-)

Oh, and one last these twin girls not have the CUTEST little hair cuts?! I wish I was brave enough to do something like that for Raya haha...I wonder how much those cuts have to be styled, b/c those girls look sassy cool! :-)


  1. You definitely have to do Elf on the Shelf. My mom started this tradition when my sister was about 4 (I was about 15) & It was the best thing ever. I can't wait to start this with Hudson. It makes the holiday soo much more magical.

    Also, im in LOVE with those winter pictures for little ones. They are way cute.

  2. Yeah, I'm excited to start traditions!


  3. By the way, cute pictures of Hudson climbing out of his walker...he's such a mover! Sorry I can't comment....I can only comment on blogs with an anonymous option for some reason :-)


  4. love the handprint art.
    Having Brielle's birthday pics in the snow would be adorable.

    I want to start doing traditions this year too.
    I love the little girls hair in the last pics too, so cute.

    And to answer your question, I'm not sure if he's grabbing my boob or not. He might have been! LOL


  5. Love all the ideas!!
    Grama F

  6. Love the outdoor idea for Brielle's 1 year pictures. I'd love to do that with Kyla too.

    I didn't do pregnancy pictures either and I completely agree with you on all points!

    Let us know how the homemade ice cream goes. I'm sure Gianna would love that!


  7. Thanks! hudson is a hand full for sure! haha :D

    Also, i switched my setting on my comments..hopefully people can comment now. I wonder if it was just you??



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