Friday, September 30, 2011

The gig pays well.

So my brother doesn't work on Fridays and therefore is in charge of his kids that day. Now that I"m back home though he seems to be loving the fact that he can pay me to watch Sawyer and Harper so that he can have a day off LOL. Today he's fishing and I'm babysitting, but the gig pays well and he's going to be funding many of my upcoming home inprovement projects I have a feeling, so I can't complain! :-P Plus the kids are really good and the days go by really fast when I have all four of them keeping me on my toes!

Today I decided to take the kids into the mall to play on the mall play climber, eat lunch in the foodcourt, and then stop by the Science Station to play. It went well! Sawyer had an "almost" meltdown over wanting fried rice to go with his pizza haha, but I just bought him some rice and all was well (yes, I gave in....$2 in rice versus a tantrum in the mall....easy choice really :-)

Here are some pictures of our fun today!

We did have a little pouting over wanting to eat lunch at 10:30 :-P

*Sorry about the poor picture quality of all these. I just had my mom's little camera. I really need to get a new point and shoot because I hate dragging my big camera out and about!

I let Harper borrow Raya's owl hat b/c it's getting too small for her and it's too big for Brielle. She looked cute! I need to make Raya a bigger one :-)

The key to a successful trip out with 4 tiny tots? A thoroughly packed diaper bag!

I thought it was funny that Brielle immediately spotted the tunnel and knew what to do :-)

Harper is the MESSIEST eater I've ever seen in my life.

The Science Museum was fun, but I was annoyed that they suddenly started charging the adults admission too. I mean really, like I'M the one really playing and enjoying it...geesh.

To end, some random pictures from yesterday and today...

I had Harper try on Brielle's new vest....she loved it--I think she knew she looked "fierce"! She got all Tyra Banks on me :-P

I also tried one of Raya's headbands on her :-P

Yesterday I sent Raya to timeout and for some reason she went behind the couch, amongst a pile of toys....and then screamed.

But as soon as I tell her she's done with timeout she turns it off very very quickly! Stinker.

Brielle is my "good child" :-)

Tomorrow Lee's mom is coming up for the day and my mom is cooking a yummy meal (Lee's dad is farming). Should be fun! We had told her she better come visit this weekend because then the next few weekends we will be very busy with unpacking and settling in to the new house so we won't really want to give up our weekends entertaining out of town guests until we're done unpacking :-)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Have a fun weekend
    Looks like the kiddos had fun playing. Kaylee screams at me too when I try to take a pic of her in timeout..LOL


  2. Looks like you all had a good time! I was never able to do that kind of thing because my kids are the type that will run off if I don't have a hand on them at all times, no matter what I threaten! Ugh! Having all 4 in public when two are escape artists is a recipe for disaster! :)

  3. I had my double stroller and then it has 2 handles on the side so Sawyer and Raya each had to hold the handle whenever we walked...they did great :-) My girls are seasoned shoppers though and know that "mommy only loves you if you shop nicely with her" LOL

    **PS, to all my loyal commenters, sorry I haven't been able to comment on other blogs the last couple days....for some reason every time I try to comment my computer "eats" it!


  4. What a fun day! I love Raya's outfit today! Have a great weekend! So excited for you that closing day is fast approaching!


  5. I babysit my niece and refuse to charge. I love her to death and I do it because she's family. Don't u think that's a little greedy?
    Anyways love the blog and your girls are gorgeous!!!

  6. I don't charge to watch them on an occasional Saturday, etc. but if I'm their scheduled babysitter 1-2 days a week I deserve to get paid. My time is worth something and they are a lot of work!



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