Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's go shopping!

First off, let's talk pjs for a minute...

In case you didn't know, Walmart actually has a ton of super cute pj sets. They are hanging in boxes in the infant/toddler section and they are all only $5!! Which at that price I can afford to get a few matching pairs, which is just too stinkin' cute if you ask me ;-) They aren't heirloom quality or anything obviously, but they are soft and wash up well. They run a little small (I buy size 5T for Raya and 18 month for Brielle), so I"d order up 1-2 sizes. But anyways, just thought I'd share!

When I feel like splurging you can't go wrong with Gymboree "gymmies" though. Those pjs are awesome (but pricey!)....but the other night we pulled out an old pair of Raya's gymboree pjs for Brielle and they still looked brand new, even though Raya had worn them a ton. You definitely get what you pay for. We also like Children's Place "stretchies"....Crazy 8 has similiar ones. Those are mid-price between Walmart and Gymboree.

Ok, now onto pictures of my cuties before we left to go shopping this morning!

Longtime readers will recognize Brielle's outfit--it was one of my favorites for Raya :-)

I tried some Mama/daughter pics, but you all know how that goes.

How in the world do you teach a toddler that this is *not* a cute "cheese" face? She does it all the time! :-P

Raya literally attacked me during this picture---nice.

So now for our shopping trip. First off, I couldn't resist buying the girls these coordinating snowsuits at Target. Snowpants and 4-in-1 for Raya and purple for cute! Can't wait to play in the snow at our new house :-) In my defense Brielle actually did need a winter coat, b/c none of Raya's are the right size for Brielle this season....and Raya needed a snowsuit b/c hers from last year is too small.

Raya wanted to try hers on and go outside looking for snow :-P

Then she made "snow angels" in mom and dad's empty baby pool LOL

Goofy girl

Oh, Raya also got cute boots today too--from Target (the picture doesn't show the true colors very well...they are brown suede boots with like hot pink patterned sweater material inset):

And lastly, I FINALLY found bedding for the girls' new room!!!! Oh my, this has been an ordeal. I've literally spent time looking for bedding every night for weeks now LOL. The problem is there is tons of cute bedding out there, but I had it in my mind that I wanted to do a shabby chic room, which limited my choices, and then on top of it I pictured a patchwork quilt bedding with pastel blues, greens, and pinks. Ok, like I literally could not find anything I liked! haha. It was all either the wrong colors or old lady looking. So then I had decided maybe I'd have to give up the patchwork quilt idea because that just wasn't happening....and I started looking at some cute sets at Pottery Barn which weren't really what I had in mind, but were cute so I thought maybe I'd go that route. Well Pottery Barn bedding is pricey. We're talking $150-200 just for a quilt---then you had to buy the sham separately for another $35ish and the sheets separate, etc. etc.

Well today I stumbled across bedding I just love and bought it! It's not a patchwork quilt, but it *is* quilted and has all the colors I wanted....and the little birdies are super cute. It definitely has a little "shabby chic" feel to it, but I'm going to amplify that by making some cute throw pillows, etc. and doing some distressed furniture and stuff---so I think it'll end up being really cute. Here it is (My camera doesn't always show colors's like a light green background with light blue trim and light blue birds, etc...and the flowers are light pink...and the darker flowers are kind of a coral color) :

Adorable right? And the best part? It was on sale so the quilt AND sham together cost me only $39! I got sheet sets for only $15 (blue for Brielle and pink for Raya) I"m very happy :-) The quilts are really lightweight too so they'll be easy to wash as opposed to big poofy comforters and the pattern should hide random marks and stuff (many of the kids' beddings I found had tons of white on them---doesn't seem practical for a kids room!)

So now I can't wait to paint! Their room is yellow right now (old owners painted) but that obviously doesn't really match so I think I might paint their room a light blue or something--maybe just an accent wall. You know what I think would be *really* cool? To paint the walls light blue and then do a mural in white on the back wall (that the beds will be against)...a mural something like this:

Lee did a great job on the tree painting at our old house, but this looks harder to me. I'll have to see what he thinks!


  1. My Target did not have those snowsuits. I was looking for one a couple weeks ago. I'm going to have to go back! I love them! I love Raya's boots stylish!

    Oh, I so hope I have another girl so I can dress them up in matching pj's :)

    The bedding is cute too...I'm sure their room is going to be adorable!


  2. Yeah, the lady checking me out at Target said they had just come in hehe. They had a few other colors too!


  3. love the matching pjs and you cant go for $5 I got those pjs for Kaylee. We are headed there tomorrow to get some jammies for them too. Cute snowsuits.

    Love the bedding that will be so cute, cant wait to see their room all finished


  4. love everything- the matching jammies, the snowsuits, the quilts. where did you end up finding the quilts? raya looks like a teenager with that headband on!

    are they both going to have big kid beds in the new house? what about cribs?

  5. Thanks :-) I got the quilts at Younkers. I had seen them online but they looked brighter online so I didn't think I"d like them, but in person they were pastel and really cute.

    No, Brielle will start in the crib in the other bedroom and we'll just have Raya in the big girl room....then when the 3rd baby is set to arrive we'll switch Brielle over. We only have 1 twin bed right now, but we'll eventually get a 2nd one and put it in with Raya....I just had to buy the matching bedding at the same time obviously, but it'll only be Raya to start with in there.



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