Friday, September 23, 2011

She's got the look

Most days Raya drives me INSANE when it's picture time. However, every once in awhile I get her to coorperate....and on those days I find myself looking at her pictures thinking to myself "how did I birth such a beautiful little girl?!" ...because there's no denying, she's got the look! :-)

I love how she goes around and picks up pictures of Sawyer and kisses them. She does this at our house too. One time she even wanted to bring Sawyer's picture outside to "play" LOL

Not to forget my other pretty girl...

...and the rice pool is still a huge hit! Raya played in it for almost 2 hours this morning

...and Miss Brielle, well my friends, she is starting to pull up on things...yikes! I kid you not that Raya never pulled up to standing EVER until about 13 months old...then a couple weeks later she was walking. She just never had any desire to pull up on things. SHe'd pull up to her knees, but never her feet. Well Brielle is already pulling up to her knees and even a couple times to her feet!!!! She still doesn't quite have the upper body strength to stand completely straight up, but I fear it won't be too much longer. Guess we better put babyproofing on top of the to-do list at the new house!

Raya, crack kills.

Although we are anxious to get into our new house (by the way, we are officially closing THursday the 6th at 10am!!) it's nice being at my parents considering they have such a nice setup in their garage. The garage is heated and yesterday my mom set up a train table, climber, rice pool, etc. and my dad also has a huge tv out there too haha. SO this morning Raya played in the rice, Brielle crawled around playing on the floor, and I kicked back in a chair playing on the computer. Not too shabby :-)

Lastly, I"m having fun mentally decorating the girls' new room as we get closer to the move date! Yesterday I picked up paint chips and I think I've decided on a pretty grayish blue color for the girls' room...and instead of painting a mural or tree etc. on the wall I think I"m going to have Lee make me some headboards kinda like this:

So it'll be a blue wall and then I want to whitewash wood panels and have Lee paint a branch (maybe in green to match the bedding?) with a little birdie.

I want to make them rosette lampshades like this:

And then I plan to make a birdhouse mobile to hang in the corner of the room, like this:

And lastly, I ordered some art for the girls' room off of Etsy. This seller has been so friendly and helpful. I ordered this birdie print (which I think will go with the girls' bedding really well) and she's adding the quote "always my sister, forever my friend" on it. And then she had a cute owl print that she's going to remake to match the colors of the birdie one and add "rayana" and then she's makeing a matching sock monkey print to mimic the owl one and it's going to say "brielle". I'm so excited! I want to hang the birdie one in the middle and the owl and sock monkey on either side. Her prices are very reasonable too and she gave me a discount for being a fellow Etsy seller :-)  ...and Lee, I spent my own Etsy profit money,  so no need to freak about me spending "your money" on decor that you couldn't care less about LOL.  :-P

And one more...I found this neat idea on Pinterest (by the way, check me out on Pinterest if you haven't already! A link is on the right hand side of my blog :-) the basement of our new house there is a section of wall right outside the playroom which I think would be the perfect place to hang something like this--I would spraypaint the clipboards fun colors and the girls could display the wonderful art projects we work on weekly!

So there is my Friday brain dump for you all :-) Have a great weekend!


  1. love that headboard and all the room decor, I bet it will look so good.

    the girls are adorable as always. have a good weekend


  2. Their room is going to be awesome. You have great ideas! Love the rice pool idea!


  3. I love the pic of Raya looking at Sawyers pic, you can just tell how much she adores him!!!!!
    Also the butt crack pic is sooooo cute!
    I wish I would have had that garage set up when you guys were little!!!
    Grama F


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