Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mama's Girls

Even though they don't cooperate for pictures worth a crap anymore, they are still mama's girls :-)

Notice Raya's hand...awww

This was us all dressed up for the wedding reception last night. If it looks like Raya was crying it's because she was LOL. She was in rare form last night, being complete naughty. She wouldn't take even one stinkin' picture, even with me bribing her with candy haha, so then my mom tried reverse psychology and said something like "no Raya, you sit over there, I don't want you in the picture with Mama...only Brielle" ...well that PISSED Raya off and of course she wanted in the picture, so here she was sitting on my lap with tears in her eyes, "tattling" to me about Grandma saying something like "Grandma told me no, go sit!"  hehe. Little stinker.

To my surprise Brielle still easily fit into this size 6 month dress I bought her in the spring. My petite little girl! I was glad they got to rock the matching dresses one more time :-)

No amount of bribery could get Raya to take pictures yesterday....she was seriously driving me crazy.

So I took some pictures of Brielle instead, who was only slightly better behaved :-P

See her bottom two teeth????

Trying to escape the chair. Photoshoot over before it even began haha
Yeah Raya, you're all giving ME a headache!

In completely unrealted news, you know that haircut I mentioned getting? Well I'm going insane because I swear my hair has suddenly changed in the last year or so. I've ALWAYS had thin/fine straight hair. I mean, the slightest drop of a hair gel or hairspray would weigh down my hair and leave it greasy for days haha. Well in the last year I have noticed my hair getting somewhat wavy, very thick, and FRIZZY! I had thought maybe a haircut would help but nope, my hair is just out of it's mind. Even my mom agrees it looks completely different in my "old age." So today in an effort to tame it I put tons of this hair defrizz stuff on and flat ironed the shit out of it....and it's *still* so poofy! At least all the defrizzer made it pretty shiny LOL

To those who know me in real life, is it not weird that my hair is still that "thick" even after all the stuff I did to it?! Not sure how I feel about it haha...I guess there are worse things though! Must try to get used to the poof :-)

If you have magical hair tips/tricks for frizzy poofy hair then by all mean, please share!

And lastly, an apple a day ....

For over a year Raya has pretty much only eaten baby food fruits and veggies. Well within the last month or two she's really started eating many more things and she now LOVES apples, as well as strawberries. Well we always cut her apples up--sliced really thin. The other day at lunch I look over at Raya to see that she had stolen an apple from the fruit bowl and just started eating away! She had bit through the core in some places and even eaten half of the sticker on the outside LOL. Guess the girl had an inkling for some apple!

Well, better be getting to bed here soon....watching Sawyer and Harper tomorrow so I'm going to need my rest!


  1. That Raya is something else, she is still talking about how I told her to go away during that photo shoot!!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. I have crazy thick, frizzy hair. I use some Rusk brand hair stuff called "Wired". I just put a little on when it's wet and it helps with the frizz. There's no hope with this thickness.

    The girls looked adorable with their matching dresses. I know Lee didn't like Raya's haircut, but I absolutely love her hair!


  3. It must be a toddler thing to not want to take pictures, although for the last week Kaylee has been totally into taking pictures with Keira, which is good since we're taking family pictures this weekend. Love the matching dresses, so cute.

    Have a good day with all 4 kids


  4. Shawna, Brielle is such a doll in these pics! And Raya and Cael really would plot world domination (or destruction) together. The girls look so cute in their matching dresses, and you look wonderful too- frizzy hair and all!

  5. Just found your blog and following now... your girls are about the same ages as my boys (June 09, Sept 10)... life is way interesting with 2 especially this close together, don't ya think?! Your little ladies are precious... and your oldest is a bit sassy, huh? haha!

  6. uhhh! I LOVE THESE DRESSES. this makes me wish i had 2 girls :) they are so cute in their matching outfits.


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