Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Did I do it?

So how many of you thought I would *actually* go through with taking all 4 kids to the park yesterday afternoon? I know Lee didn't think I could do it....he said I'd never get all 4 kids into the van because the carseats were packed so tight!

Well people, I have officially earned the title of "super sitter"....because I did it! :-)

And it was actually super easy! I got everyone up from naps, quickly stripped off their layers (b/c it had gotten hot!) covered them all in sunscreen and hats, loaded Brielle into the van first, then had Sawyer climb in, then carried Harper into the back next to Sawyer, ended with Raya (otherwise she would have blocked my path to the backseat) and we were off! Sawyer requested a very specific park (in our future hometown, so Raya got a taste of *her* new park hehe) and they all had a blast! I got a few looks from other parkgoers....I think people thought I had two sets of twins!

When we got there Sawyer and Raya immediately ran off to play...

The little girls immediately raided the beverage station :-P

I LOVE this picture of Brielle...those eyes! (swoon) ---She's my cutie pie :-)

Then Harper did a little exploring...

....before we all hit the swings!

Sawyer looked like quite a ladies man pushing all the girls on the swings :-)

Brielle got very very sleepy in the swings hehe

And eventually fell asleep!

Raya still insists on swinging VERY slowly :-P

Sawyer really loved the "spider web"

I thought this was a really cute picture of Sawyer

Raya experienced her very first merry-go-round ride yesterday too. You don't see those at many parks anymore!

This park is right next to train tracks so every 10 minutes practically we heard a VERY loud train pass...Raya wasn't sure what to think! (Brielle slept through them all :-P)

....making the train whistle noise

Lastly, the biggest hit of the park were the teeter totters. These made me very nervous, but they kept climbing on themselves and they would giggle and yell "bump!" when they'd hit the ground...They just loved them! I think Sawyer had forgotten what the teeter totter was called because he kept saying "Shawna, I showed Raya how to use this *machine*" hehe

I think maybe when I watch them next Monday I might attempt taking all 4 kids into the mall and playing there....I'm getting crazy people! ;-)

Oh, and for those who are curious, I had my eye exam this morning and they said my eyesight is perfect--no reading glasses for me! hehe. He said I might just have some allergies that are bothering my eyes and to try some eye drops. The girls did great over to Abby's while I was gone.


  1. High five to you! looks like the kids had a great time! great pictures


  2. Wow, super sitter indeed! Nice job! I love the third and fourth picture with Raya and Sawyer hanging out. It made me wonder what those two would talk about sitting in there. Haha.


  3. Wow good job with all the little ones and I love the pictures ...by the way Brielle is such a cutie! Love her so cute :D

  4. Looks like a fun park, I want to go there! :) I really like the pic of Raya & Sawyer sitting together.

    Didn't I give Raya that polka dot hat Brielle's wearing?

  5. Yeah, you gave her that hat :-)



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