Thursday, September 8, 2011

A day of firsts!

My little girl is growing up way too fast! Today she had her  first  tooth pop through--a bottom one. YOu still  can't see it enough for a picture, but you can feel it with your finger! I love toothy smiles--I just hope Brielle's come in straighter than Rayas!! Remember what a hot mess Raya's mouth was for awhile? haha

My big girl

Brielle also started TALKING. Well, it's possible  she was doing this before, but today was the first day I  actually noticed it. She is suddenly saying "dada" CONSTANTLY. And seriously, why do babies always have to say "dada" first?! haha. I  kept telling her "no, say Mama!" and she would (honest to god) laugh in my face and say "dada" again---little stinker!!!!

Brielle  is also doing true, honest crawling now. She's a little  slow at it, but she gets those  legs and arms working together and is actually going forwards! Today she was chewing on a banana toy while I was trying to take pictures... I took the banana away thinking I could get a better picture. But NOPE! She crawled right over to a slice of butter and started eating that instead. :-P

The weather has been awesome around here lately...nice and cool in the mornings and warms up to jean and tshirt weather in the afternoon. Love it!

Raya got to break out some winter pjs last night and today Brielle wore the new outfit Grandma got her---she's a wild thang! :-)

Raya broke out a new fall outfit as well today :-)

Raya is feeling much much better today, and back to her naughty self LOL. She spent the morning rolling all over Brielle and tormenting her pretty much. Luckily Brielle is getting bigger and finds it somewhat entertaining. I've been saying "it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt!" a lot lately. Pretty much the story of my life right now with those two :-P

For Tot School today when happened upon story time at the library--our first time! They just started doing a weekly story time and this week was the first week. There were about 8 kids there and they read a handful of books, did a few songs/dances, did a craft, and then gave everyone a treat to take home. Go figure, I find something like that my last week living here!!! I do know there is a story time at our new library though so that's good.

For the most part Raya did well...although you could tell she's used to sitting on our lap reading stories 1-on-1 because she lost interest sitting on the floor listening to a story in a large group. But she still sat quietly....she just wasn't paying attention. SHe loved the craft time....or should I say the glue sticks. She didn't want to do anything else except smear her glue stick all over her paper haha. Guess I should buy some of those!!!

In house news, our appraisal on the new house came back 3500 under what we paid, so right now we're trying to get them to lower their price to match the appraisal. Our realtor said it's pretty typical to ask that so we'll see what they say. We also heard that they *did* find a place to rent for October...yay! So we should be able to move up the closing date....but we don't  know when yet. Hopefully we hear back from them today!


  1. I love Raya's owl pj's. You guys are so stylish, we need to take some lessons over here in Madison :)


  2. YAY Brielle. Both my girls said MAMA first.
    Love Brielle & Raya's outfits. They are so cute together


  3. Brielle looks sooo cute in her little leopard outfit!!!Love the pics with the girls on the floor together!!!That would be great if you guys can move into the new house sooner!!!
    Grama F


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