Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nice Rice

Nothing much to report today. I had my arthritis appt. which all went fine, then got my haircut--nothing wild but it looks good, my mom watched Sawyer and Harper today so the kids played, had pizza for dinner....only 2 weeks from today left of living with my parents before we close on the new house!

Anyways, sorry for the bore-fest of a post haha. Here are some cute pics of the girls from today.

...the loving embrace of a big cousin :-P

My long time readers will recognize this other outfit of Raya's--another favorite! Glad Brielle gets to wear it before she outgrows it.

Lastly, my mom had wanted to do something with her baby pool now that it's cold....I suggested putting rice in it b/c Raya always loved playing with the rice sensory tub I made her at home. Mom liked the idea of rice because it's less messy than I bought tons of bulk rice at Walmart and the kids had a blast playing in it tonight! Sawyer said "this is very nice rice Shawna" haha...and he also said "it's kind of like salt" and at one point laid down in it and said "I'm swimming in rice shawna!" LOL...needless to say it was a big hit :-)


  1. Looooove the rice idea. I have to remember this when Hudson is older

  2. Yeah, they had a ton of fun with it! We told them it was time for pizza and they said "no, more rice!" :-)



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