Sunday, September 11, 2011

Celebrating 8 months old with a pukefest.

Today Brielle is 8 months old. Normally I'd be  posting cute sock monkey  photos to celebrate, but instead today has turned into puketastic day #2 .

^^^Let me go on the record as saying I just happen to catch  her mid-cough here. While she *has* been puking all over  today I am not so crazy as to stand by and photograph it! But this is pretty much how our morning has gone :-(

It all started this morning when I honestly though she almost choked to death. Cue Mama freaking out! You see, this child is crawling and into everything now! I  even had to, with only 3 days in this house left, bring out a baby gate:

Well this morning as she was crawling around getting into trouble I look over at her and she has turned bright red and  appeared to be gagging/choking and foaming at the mouth! Lee had gone to get our Sunday donuts (yum) so I was all by myself and turning her upside down and pounding on her back, etc. I seriously thought she was dying because I assumed she had choked on something she found on the floor! After about 30 seconds of terror she stopped and just  started smiling at me! Oh good lord, my heart  can't hardly take it LOL.

After that she refused to eat or drink so I started to get worried ....but then I was like "uh-oh...what if she hadn't been choking, what if she was trying to puke and caught Raya's stomach bug?!"  She seemed ok though so I layed her down for a nap and after her nap when I went into her room I found her sitting up and "splashing" in a giant puddle of vomit....seriously. Oh the less known "joys" of parenting.

I clean her  up, cleaned her bed, brought her to the living room where our puketastic morning continued. And I feel sooooo bad for her because little babies with the flu are just pitiful. She looks at me like "help Mama!" and there is nothing I can do! Luckily she seems to be on the mend already and she's been sleeping peacefully for the last couple hours so hopefully it's short lived like Raya's was.

"Sorry, about the lack of sock monkey pictures today people. Can I interest you in pictures of me with my puke bucket and rag instead?"

The really sad part is that inbetween getting sick she tries to be  happy and play. Bless  her heart.

And here's the little germ sharer--who just couldn't keep her  germy hands off sissy and made her sick!
....good thing she's still cute

To end, here is a picture of Brielle sleeping soundly right now. She's so sweet I'm tempted to pick her up and cuddle her! ....but  I'll let her rest :-)

***And don't miss out on last night's update--a legwarmer tutorial with lots of cute pictures of Miss Brielle. And check out my earlier entry, asking for suggestions for  upcoming blog topics--please get your requests in!


  1. Aww, poor girl. She's still cute as ever! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


  2. aww poor Brielle, hope she feels better soon. Its never fun when they don't feel good.


  3. Even when that baby is sick she is a pretty, pretty baby!!!
    Grama F

  4. Hey, your question about is a site where you can buy all your household items (toilet paper, detergent, etc). They are also starting to sell a lot more food/pantry items. They sell baby stuff (diapers/wipes/formula) but Target is usually cheaper plus I have coupons, which you can't use on Alice. They have coupons that automatically apply, but not all the manu coupons that I get. It's nice though because it gets delivered to your door by UPS and you can set up reminders of how often you need TP, toothpaste, etc. I used it all the time before having Kyla, but now I love going to Target. Being a mommy has changed me so much. I hated it before, haha.


  5. poor brielle!!! her little pitiful face. uh, i hate sick babies. well not the baby! the sick part. its so sad. but the last picture of her sleeping is absolutely precious.


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