Friday, September 16, 2011

Battle of the hat

So today Brielle broke out one of Raya's old hats

....and when I babysat Harper for awhile this afternoon I had her try it on too

....and so began the battle of the hat. Who could pull off the look best, who would win bragging rights for all eternity that *they* were the best hat model....

Clearly it's a tie! I mean, how did one family get 2 such cute baby girls ?!?, Brielle says the stress of the whole competition is just too much!

....which is fine because clearly MAMA is the cutest of them all ;-P

Oh, just a second. Brielle changed her mind....she'd like to swoop in for a hat "win" --sneaky little thing!

Oh no! Raya came out of no where, modeling the owl hat I made her last year, and took the crown for herself! I guess we've found our battle of the hat(s) winner!

And to end this evening, after making my first pair of leggings I am now on a pants kick LOL....tonight I whipped up some cute pants and a name shirt for Brielle....I love how it turned out! I must perfect the design, but I hope to eventually offer my pants for sale in my Etsy shop--how fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. They're all three pretty stinkin cute!


  2. such pretty girls! I love little babies & kids in hats. Love that outfit, so adorable!


  3. Those three girls are just waaaaaay tooooo cute! I couldn't believe how fast you whipped up that outfit!!!!
    Grama F


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