Monday, September 5, 2011

We're back!

Our trip to IL for the big H family reunion was a success! We had tons of fun, especially seeing Lee's brother Shawn and his wife Megan. The girls got some great Aunt and Uncle time in, and also got to "see" baby boy cousin to be!

When we got home today though we discovered our wireless internet box died while we were gone. We aren't buying a new one though with only a week and a half left living here, so we are borrowing (with permmission) our neighbor's wireless internet to get us by. The bad news though is that it only works if I"m sitting on the deck and perched in my master bedroom window LOL. So needless to say I may not be as active online until we move. I"m going to keep my words to a minimum here in the blog and stick with these cute pictures that Megan took this weekend....enjoy!

Lee's Aunt

A big wind storm came through!

Grandma H showing Raya a birds nest
Aunt Megan

This was Raya's most cooperative pic that night lol

Brielle was standing in for baby boy to be...I forsee many cute family pics once he arrives!

Raya wouldn't cooperate for pics so I had to use a (loving) headlock :-)   (My hair needs cut sooo bad. It was down ---out of a ponytail--for the first time in months and it took on a life of its own LOL)

Family picture before church

Shawn, Megan, and baby belly before church :-)

Getting in some baby wrangling practice

Now the following pics are from the reunion on Sunday...

These are Lee's Aunts...on his dad's side

Brielle was exhausted by this point

This was Lee's cousin's little boy who is 4...Raya was obsessed/in love with him

Lee's cousin showing off his own baby belly :-P

That's it for tonight! I also have a few pics I took on my own camera which I'll share tomorrow. We also got to hang out with our friend's Terri and Caleb, and Raya played with I'll try to steal some pictures from Terri to share sometime as well :-)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!


  1. Great pics!!!!! Looks like you guys had a great time!!! It will be sooo nice when the new baby boy is born!!!
    Grama F

  2. it looks like you guys had a good time. great pictures. good luck on your move, I wish we could have movers come in and move us when we move!



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