Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Puketastic! Aka, the night from hell.

Let me tell you, as a mom there is no sound more frightening than the pitiful cries of "mama!" interspersed with gagging/coughing and vomit. Lots of vomit.

Last night it was about 11pm and I was taking a break from sewing to watch a little Teen Mom, my guilty pleasure. Then I heard it. I paused the TV and sure enough "Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...and crying, gagging, coughing. I run into Raya's  room and OMG. Let's just say her entire crib had a puketastic night. "I puke on owl" was heard repeatedly haha. I screamed for Lee who took on bedding duty while I took poor Raya  to the bathtub and worked on cleaning her up. During her bath she kept saying "I go play with library books Mama" (I had promised to take her to the library when she w oke up in the morning lol) so I thought maybe the puking was a fluke and she felt OK. I put her in clean pjs, in a clean crib, she went right to sleep and I though "whew....that could have been a lot worse!" forward 15 minutes and the whole thing plays out again. Yeah, we were definitely in for a long night.

Finally around 3ish in the morning she fell asleep in the living room (after more puking, and more puking ;-(    ...about 5:30am I moved her to her bed again because things seemed to be settling down and she wok up about 7:30am seemingly feeling much better. At least whatever she had  seems short lived! I just praying Brielle and I don't get it though.

Lucky for me Raya has been content to eat cereal and watch TV for much of the day so far.

She insisted on the rainboots. Don't ask.

Grandpa, she wore the gymboree outfit you found for her. It's big on her yet, but she seemed to like it!

I knew she was feeling more like herself when she started hiding under the table to get away from my camera :-P

By the way, my house has been  vomiting all over itself too :-P This is the current state of our living area as we try to start packing up stuff to take to my parents' house.

The plus side? Well, Raya is able to entertain herself with the storage containers by building a "fort" ...she's sick and still so creative :-)

To end, here are some cute  pictures our friend Terri took when we hung out with them this past weekend. Raya and Bryn are quite a pair!


We tried to get a cute  picture of them all together, but trying to take pictures of 2 two-year-olds and a baby is no easy task!

Especially when they are as silly as these three!

You gotta take what you can get ;-)


  1. aww I hope Raya is feeling better. that would make for one long night.

    silly pictures are the best ones! hehe


  2. Hope everything is back to normal tonight!

    Love the rain boots :)


  3. I hope Raya is feeling better, I love the rainboots, cute pics with the 3 girls!
    Grama F

  4. Poor Raya!
    Hope it was just something she ate!


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