Monday, September 12, 2011

8 Months Old photoshoot

A day late, but she's feeling much better now!

This past month the biggest change has been CRAWLING. The child won't sit still! I always assumed I had it made with Raya who didn't crawl (and didn't even buttscoot until closer to 10 months I think)...other moms would brag about their early crawlers and walkers and I sat back thinking "oh, but my child just sits where I put can that be a bad thing?!" ....but now it's official. I have a crawler and when I compare the two I most definitely had it better with my non-crawler!!!!! Why oh why couldn't Brielle take after her LOL. Oh well...she keeps me on my toes I guess!

The other big accomplishment is sleeping through the night. Ever since that first night we haven't had a problem! She goes to bed around 7pm and sleeps about 12 hours straight. It's awesome. The only annoying thing is that she doesn't really take a morning nap! Most babies this age take a morning and afternoon nap. Brielle however stay up until about 11ish and then takes a pretty long nap, and that's often her only nap of the day! Sometimes she takes another short one at 3-4pm, but not always.

She's not a huge baby food eater yet...only 1-2 containers a day. She's a lot smaller than Raya at this age though, so maybe that's why. The other  day Brielle wore a dress that I remember Raya wearing at 4 months old, if that tells you how their sizes compare LOL. At 4 months old Raya was wearing size 6-12 months and now at 8 months old that's the size Brielle wears.

Here is a look at Brielle's monthly photos thus far--watch her grow! (Click the collage to enlarge)

These past 8 months have FLOWN BY! She's still the sweetest, happiest baby though and  we're so lucky to have her in our family.

I'm a little sad that this is her very last sock monkey photoshoot at this house :-( Next month she will turn 9 months old the day after the movers move our stuff into the new house, so we'll see if I can find my way to this chair through all the boxes to do her 9 month shoot! haha

^^She still has those  pretty eyes!

....crawling away from me...

Soo happy 8 months baby girl! We love you and look forward to watching you grow up in our new home!


  1. So adorable, as our babies get older thier looking less and less like babies! =( sounds like she's doing awesome. Her and Keira sound the same minus sleeping through the night!

  2. Happy Birthday to my pretty pretty Brielle!!
    I'll give you a big kiss when I get there tomorrow!
    Grama F

  3. Brielle looks so happy with her sock monkey. What a sweetie... glad she's feeling better!

  4. She has such beautiful blue eyes!



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