Friday, September 2, 2011

Farewell my friends

...I won't be updating the blog for awhile. Yes, it's OK to cry.

Instead of blogging we'll all be enjoying the annual H. family reunion! I'm sure I"ll have plenty of pictures to share after our fun filled weekend, so stay tuned :-)

To keep you busy while I'm away, be sure to check out my Pinterest boards....I"m a little addicted and have "pinned" lots of cool stuff. You won't be disappointed! Find me here:

Lastly, in AWESOME house news, it's officially sold! All the paperwork has come in from our buyers and we are good to go. We will close with our relo company on the 19th (and get our money...yippee) and then after that they will hang around and close with our buyers in Oct. The movers are packing and moving us on the 15th and 16th, so in less than two weeks we'll be living with my parents. We are trying to close on our new house in early Oct., but the house they were going to move into while they build their next one fell through, so now they are scrambling to find a rental or something. Which means we might have to wait until Oct. 26th before closing if they can't move out sooner. We'll see. It will be annoying to live out of boxes that long but at least we know we're moving into someplace super cool :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Have a great time at your reunion!
    Thats aweomse news about the house! We will be pakcing and moving soon too


  2. We'll miss you! Have a great time! So excited for you and your new house!



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