Friday, September 9, 2011

One of those days!

If you're a mom you'll understand...
Yes, today has been one of those days when my patience is wearing thin! Raya is on such a whiny kick lately, and it's driving me crazy. Sometimes she whines because  she wants something but other times I think she does it just for fun LOL. Today I cute her fingernails (they were so long!) and she immediately starting whining that they hurt. I looked and looked and they were fine. SHe wanted to run them under water  so whatever...she played with the water but then started whining as soon as I turned the water off. Then she wanted bandaids, so I put one on each thumb. Then she whined that she wanted the bandaids off! I give up haha. So at that point I just ignored her, and she followed me around  the house like this:

Can you say drama queen?!

At least she still *looked* lovable  in her cute little dress from Grandma. I thought she looked like such a little lady in her  pretty dress and hair cut...cue the "awwwwws" :-)

Brielle looked sweet today too--but the camera was acting up for her pictures so only one turned  out

Sorry to bore  you all, but t hat's about all I have  for today! I can tell  I'm either  becoming boring or with back to school people are busy, because  my blog  views have gone down the last week or so haha. I appologize! I've just got so much  going on right now with the move that my brain can't function for exciting blog updates LOL. I promise to do better after the move--please still love me! ;-)

The good thing about posting my random, trivial tidbits of updates  is that I do realize one thing:

One day I'll appreciate even these "pointless" updates, b/c it was another day I got to spend with my girls!

Here are some other random quotes I've found on Pinterest lately which make me smile :-)

^^^I'd love to hang this in our "mud room" or somewhere we can see it before we leave the house LOL

I"m not sure if this is more perfect for my husband or my kids hehe

Lastly, for a house update we heard a *verbal* that they are going to lower  their  price to the appraisal price AND let us move our closing date to Oct. 7th! Hopefully they send the written ok to our realtor soon and then it's all finalized and ready to go! In less than a month we could be moving into our new home--yippee!!


  1. At least she's a darn cute drama queen! :) Must be something in the air because today is one of those days for us too. Love all the quotes!


  2. I'm having one of those days too with Kaylee, whining about everything and being so dramatic! It drives me bonkers! Miss Raya is a cute drama queen though! Love that last quote!


  3. I should have given that dress to Raya sooner, she looks really cute in it!!! I hope this house stuff is all over really soon, so we can get on with life!!!!!
    Grama F


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