Thursday, September 15, 2011

Temporary Housing

So day 1 in our temporary housing here at my parents went well. Miss Raya is clearly bummed to be living near cousin So So ....I wish she liked him more :-P

And Brielle doesn't have any fun with cousin Harper either.

And Grandma....well she hates having all the grandkids around. I wish she did stuff with them every once in awhile at least ...

Since my mom watches Sawyer and Harper every Thursday we got lots of good cousin time in today. Raya was so excited to see that Harper can walk now. You could see on Raya's face that she was thinking "hey, she's like a *real* person now!" haha. They played hide and seek and chased eachother around the dining room table giggling all morning while Sawyer was at preschool.

The real excitement of the day was that after naps we took all four kids to dairy queen and then to the park...I thought Raya might lose her mind with excitment and the thought of it all :-P

It was pretty chilly here today so we had to get one of Raya's old coats out for Miss Brielle.

At the park we started them all on the swings (which until recently Raya has DESPISED, but just lately she enjoys them as long as you push her about as fast as a slight breeze could LOL --basically she just hangs there ;-)

I told my mom that Harper won "most photogenic" at the park today....followed distantly by Raya who came in dead last and refused to cooperate at all :-p

Sawyer's favorite part of the park was climbing this thingy

Brielle's favorite part was trying to eat wood chips

^^Brielle wasn't feeling the group shot ;-)

I think this is my favorite picture of Harper from today

My favorite of Raya from today:

Ya take what you can get with her ....she's slightly evil

^^I love Sawyer cheesin' it up behind her in the picture haha

He's a funny kid :-)

So I'd say that day one here was a success! I'm so glad we moved back so that the girls can grow up with some cousins

Lastly, in house news, Lee said the movers got the entire house packed up today! They load it tomorrow. He texted me a picture and there are boxes EVERYWHERE!! I want to use the boxes to make Raya some cool stuff to play in at the new house haha....maybe we can make a long train or something!


  1. looks like day 1 was a lot of fun! Harper is adorable! great pics


  2. yes she is very persistant. I might have to bring the pack n play upstaires and put it in our big walk in closet and try that. hopefully that might work better. thanks girl


  3. I love that Kyla has two big cousins to grow up with too. Harper and Sawyer are adorable. Looks like everyone's having fun!

    I hope Brielle starts sleeping better at your mom's. Kyla didn't wake up last night so I'm hoping her little nightly fits are over.


  4. Do I have cute grandbabies or what!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Looks like you all had a fun day! Taking the kids to the park is always fun but exhausting for the mommy-- looks like you're a pro, though. :)


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